How To Use Twitter in Nigeria Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

how to use twitter via VPN

As we all know that Twitter has a very long way of existence in Nigeria and it’s has stood out of other social media platform as a voice of the multitude in Nigeria before it’s was banned.

Now we are having difficulties in using Twitter in Nigeria till the Federal Government has taken a step on banning on the microblogging platform.

Fighting to use Twitter in Nigeria now depend on VPN (Virtual Private Network). Now in this little write up we will discuss practically how you can unblock Twitter in Nigeria along with VPN on Android phone, iPhone, computer and also browsers (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla). The only way you van now use Twitter in Nigeria depends on VPN since it has been banned in Nigeria which means there is no way you can login to your Twitter account out of VPN.

Initially Twitter use to be free in Nigeria before the federal Government took a step on suspending the microblogging platform and it’s office in Nigeria.

For you to use your Twitter in Nigeria, you have to install a VPN on our device e.g Android phone, iPhone, and connected to other location like Ghana, or United state or UK IP address.

Let take our time to explain how to use Twitter with VPN in Nigeria on Android, iPhone, window and macOS computers.

What is VPN is all about

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that keeps users activities secretly and remove the search stories and log instantly and immediately it is disconnected and it does not keep users logs. It is a service to unblock a website like in the case of Twitter in Nigeria.

The adoption of VPN to unlock Twitter in Nigeria is when it is turned on, then it masked the current location to the location on the VPN service. Nigeria Twitter’s users did not use VPN to access Twitter until it was suspended in Nigeria. We have the paid VPN and the VPN.

Difference between part VPN and the free VPN

Can we say paid or free VPN is advisable when you choose a VPN to unblock a blocked service like the vase of Nigeria Twitter? Like the popular saying, “Nothing goes for Nothing” which means there is no free things ever worth it except there is something have in return.

A free VPN does not give a full security, which means it has its limitation to the number of countries or location which can be connected to, which can still search for your histories and logs without knowing compared with the paid VPN with 99.9% sure of security with no log activities left on cleared.

What is the Cost of VPN

We have different and varies of VPN prices depending on the vendor and it actually depend on your subscription.

A VPN service monthly could cost $2 – $10 but cost $2.5 on a flat rate annually.

And the reason behind most VPN service having “Most Popular” is to show.

The VPN Subscription that people and going for. With our researches going for an annual VPN is much more better than buying monthly because it really help in saving fund than buying weekly or the monthly without the VPN coupon code.

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The Best VPN to unblock Twitter in Nigeria

We have some of VPN services that does not leak at search histories or logs and really cleared off the histories and logs from it database immediately. And all these VPNs are good  to unlock Twitter in Nigeria without any fear of the government. And below are the listed VPNs

====> ExpressVPN

====> SurfShark VPN

====> Nord VPN

====> Ivacy VPN

====> Proton VPN

====> IPVanish VPN

====> Express VPN: Through this VPN, you will be able to unlock your access to over 90 different countries IP to connect to. Therefore, if they ban Twitter in Nigeria, you can use Express VPN to connect to all the available countries to use Twitter in Nigeria without paying dime, you can also connect to over 30,000 IP address.

====> SurfShark VPN : So also SurfShark VPN has about 3,200 servers available with 65 different server locations across the globe.

With how the SurfShark is operating, the speed and limitless device support will turn your one for this particular VPN. And there is no limitation to the number of device that can be connected to an account at a go.

====> Nord VPN: This VPN has about 5,000 and 5,200 IP address and servers, you can also have access to about 65 different countries plus Nigeria. Nord VPN is also one the most recognized VPN.

====> naIvacy VPN: This VPN have the cheapest price in the mark and give a 30 – days refund guarantee if the service does not fit into your goal. Ivacy VPN offers 87% off on 5 years plan and it cost $1.33 monthly in replace of $9.95 per month.

How you can unlock Twitter on your Android in Nigeria

We have two supper ways we can unblock your Twitter in Nigeria via your Android phone

====> Install a VPN app on your Android

====> Create a manual VPN

Install Ivacy VPN  on your Android and iPhone

The below steps will help you on how to download and install Ivacy VPN on your Android device and iPhone

====> Log in to your Ivacy VPN account

====> Navigate to your “Dashboard” and scroll down to “app”

====> Look for your device either iPhone or Android and select it

====> You will be taken to your device app store, if you are using Android device, you will be taken to your Ivacy app download and the play store instantly, and for iPhones users you will be also taken to Apple app store.

====> Next thing is to launch it, then sign in with your username and password.

====> You are good to go in as much you have already installed the VPN service on your device

How to setup a Manual VPN on Android

The only reason behind setting a manual VPN is to be conscious about the security when you want to make use of Twitter and so also unblock Twitter in Nigeria.

====> Firstly go to your Android phone settings

====> Then move to your “Wireless and Network”

====> Choose “VPN”

====> Then tap on “Add VPN Network”

====> In the “Edit”  VPN Network” provide your VPN name, type ” PPTP” then go to your VPN service provider’s website.

====> Look and type the server you wish to be connected to, you can uncheck PPP encryption (MPPT)

====> Then click on the “save” button to the bottom right

====> Then click on the name of the Twitter VPN you have created, input your VPN username and password

====> Then you need to check your “save account information” and select connect.

After clicking on connect, your Android phone will be connected to the set up VPN. To be sure of this, there will be an Icon that will display closely to your phone battery indicator.

To find out your IP address and location you are connected go to

How to unblock Twitter in Nigeria

let wrap up this write up with how we can unblock Twitter in Nigeria

====> Open launch on VPN on your Android or iPhone

====> Then sign in to your VPN account using your username and password

====> Select either “Automatic” connect to connect your phone to the fastest VPN at the moment or your chosen “Location/cities” and choose the location to connect to.

====> A pop up will show off, just click on “OK” to move forward.

====> You will then “connect” on the screen immediately it is connected

====> You can now unblock Twitter by launching the Twitter app

====> Sign in to your Twitter account

====> Then your are done

All restricted access on your Twitter account will be removed.

Note: You will not be able to monitor whatever is trending in your location but you  can monitor what is going on in the location you are connected to and that is the reason of turning off a VPN to access Twitter.

Wrapping up

We all know that Twitter had been banned in Nigeria from monitoring what is trending this time but we can still secretly use Twitter in Nigeria. You can use Twitter in Nigeria via VPN {Virtual Private Network) in this period that Twitter had been banned in Nigeria by the federal Govt.

Stay safe !!!

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