How to Turn On Subtitle on OnDemandKorea

Turn on subtitle

How to Turn on subtitle on OnDemandKorea is what you can do without giving you stress or looking for help around but you can do it at your comfort home. Do you really know what this OnDemandKorea is all about? OnDemandKorea is an online streaming platform where you can get the latest and supper classic Korean television shows, trending clips, movies, documentaries and news for free of charge without paying a dime.

Meanwhile all videos shown on the OnDemandKorea platform are all in Korea language, which means you will need a subtitle if you don’t speak or understand the language

There are some ways we can turn on subtitle on OnDemandKorea, you can go through the listed ones below and see how to go about it.

How to turn on subtitle on OnDemandKorea on the web

Accessing contant on OnDdemandKorea via desktop browser is very simple to do if you follow the steps below

====> First thing to do is to visit OnDemandKorea and log in to your account if you have an account and if you did not have, you will need to do that.

====> Then look or search for a movie or TV series marked or indicated as EN (English) or KO (Korea), the mark will be under the posters and thumbnails.

====> After that, click on the video and wait for it to start playing

====> Click on the Cc (Closed – caption) button at the bottom right of the video player

====> Then a subtitle menu will open to choose your option

====> Then you will choose the language you want

How to turn on Subtitle OnDemandKorea on the mobile app

OnDemand has a mobile app that makes it easy to stream movies and TV shows when it is convenient for you. See how you can go about it via the steps below

====> Open the OnDemandKorea app for Android or iOS which mean you must have this app downloaded on your device

====> Then choose a video with the symbol EN (English) or KO (Korea), the mark will be next to the titles on the app

====> Then play the video

====> Tap on the subtitle button in the lower right part of the video player

====> Then your video will start playing with the selected subtitle

Yo can only watch movies on OnDemandKorea for free without a subscription but with aids. Though, the website will requires you to register a free account using your email or Facebook account.

Further more, you can have access to OnDemandKorea premium service with a little fee to watch their premium content and the fee ranges from $6.99 monthly to $10.99 monthly, meanwhile the price does not include pay – per -view movies since you will have to pay between $1.99 and $4.99 for each film.

Conclusion on how to turn on subtitle on OnDemandKorea

We can see it in this little write up that to turn on subtitle on OnDemandKorea is very simple and straight forward to carry out.

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