How to Turn On 2FA on Tiktok profile

2FA on Tiktok

2FA (two step verification) is another strong way to add more security to your every social media account, so how to turn on 2FA ( two step verification) on Tiktok profile is what you can do without paying a dime in as much you have your internet well connected.

Add extra security to your profile on Tiktok to decline hackers. Turning 2FA on your Tiktok profile is very simple.

The only way you can enjoy your Tiktok and be free from third party or hackers is to add extra security to your profile, and this can be done by turning on 2FA (Two  step verification)

When this 2FA feature is turned on, you will really need to enter a verification code whenever you login to your Tiktok account on another application or device.

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Follow the below guide on how to know and understand how you can turn on 2FA in the Tiktok app

====> Click on “Me” in the bottom- right corner of the screen after opening the app

====> At the top right corner, you will see 3 dots then tap on it.

====> Then click on “Security”

====> After that you will scroll down and search for 2FA (Two step verification), then click on it.

====> Click on the preferably, either ‘SMS” or “email”, it depend on how you would like to receive your 2FA code when you login to Tiktok, then click on “Turn On” at the bottom of the screen.

====> Tiktok will send you your code after clicking on your phone number as “SMS” or email address.

====> If you are finished with turning on your 2FA, you can click on other option either {“SMS” or “email”} to turn it on as a backup process.

Wrapping up

Adding extra security to your Tiktok profile will give you a peace of mind from a third party.

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