Complete Guide to Activate and Deactivate 2FA on Facebook Account

Facebook is a popular media networking site that makes it very easy for people to connect and share many vital information with each other online. To really enjoy using your Facebook account without any interruption of any third party, you have to activate 2FA on your account as another means of security except any password.

2FA on FacebookWhat is 2FA on Facebook

2FA is another form of security code to set on one’s Facebook account in order for such account not to be hacked or to be interrupted by any other third-party, this 2FA also maintain a privacy on one’s account and give a strong security apart from any password.

Things to  to know before using 2FA on your Facebook account

like I said earlier, 2FA is an important security feature and there are some important things to know and do first in order not to have any difficulties when trying to login again.

You need to have this at the back of your mind that all your information must be up-to-date.

What to do when you cannot receive 2FA code

let assumes you don’t have a back up option and you don’t have any access to the phone number on your file, then u will have to use alternative method to login and the only best option is to use a recognized device to have your pin codes in the setting

Ways to follow on how to Turn on 2FA on Facebook 

Step 1 ====> First thing to do is to login in to your Facebook account, click on the setting and privacy option then click on setting again.

Step 2 ====> At the left hand menu click on security and login

Step 3 ====> scroll down and click on right hand menu of use two factor authentication.

Step 4 ====> Then you will use your default password of signing in to your Facebook account by using a mobile number that a code will be sent directly to by Google for your 2FA pin codes.

How to Turn off 2FA on Facebook

If you think you are not more interested in using 2FA on your Facebook account, you can easily turn it off, and you can easily take the step taken when you are activating 2FA on your Facebook account and the steps goes thus.

Step 1 ====> Login into your Facebook account

Step 2 ====> Go to security and login at the setting options

Step 3 ====> After selecting Edit, then go to 2FA option and click on turn off.

Advantages of 2FA on Facebook

====> Stronger Protection: This 2FA of a thing is a great cybersecurity, which can help to reduces any theft and restrict unwanted gain to your personal account, this internet criminals use different type of method to crack password which includes key logger, brute force and more.

====> Low Cost: Another advantage of 2FA is that it does not require any fund to enable it.

====> Easy to Use: The sweetest advantage of 2FA on Facebook account is that it is very simple and easy to use and to activate it on your account you have to go to settings, select the security and login menu, then follow the instructions.

Disadvantages of 2FA on Facebook account

From some findings conducted by DUO security, we can see it that only 28% of Internet users have enable  2FA for their account while 72% of uses put their data at a very large risk.

====> Sharing Additional data: If you wish to create any online service, you will need to give the system with your email address. companies use this information to send you spam.

====> An Extra Step: The only thing you have to do access your account if you don’t have 2FA is to enter documents or credential and select on the sign in button. you can tell your web browser to remember you to login data so you can immediately sign in next time.

====> Vulnerabilities: The biggest disadvantages of 2FA is that it does not give 100% assurance from hacking your account because hackers uses many types of attack like phishing.

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As we have been discussing how to turn on 2FA on Facebook, we said 
Facebook is a means by which friends and families can reach to each other online either in the same country or not.

To make sure that your Facebook account is secured you will need to turn on 2FA on your Facebook account and to turn it off.

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