How to Setup and Activate Onn Roku TV

Setup and activate Onn Roku TV

To know how to setup and activate Onn Roku TV is the main content of this little writeup and it will really be of benefit if we can be patiently read the writeup. Onn is just a new brand that was launched in 2019 by Walmart as part of their Black Friday promotion.

For the period of the short time the TV has bee in the market, a lot of buzz has been created and the customers were not satisfied with older TV models, and they are looking forward to purchase the all in- one – Roku Smart TV.

Whereas, with an in-built Roku streaming service, to set up and activate the Onn TV will be totally different. But don’t be panic and be calm, the step by step that will guide you on how to setup and activate Onn Roku TV and start streaming will be discussed below.

How to setup and activate your Onn Roku TV

First thing is to buy an Onn Roku Tv and after that, you will need to set it up. The list below are the requirement needed for the set up.

====> Your Onn Roku Smart TV

====> TV stand (comes with the box) or a wall bracket

====> A TV remote (comes with the box).

====> A fast and reliable internet connection

====> A computer, smartphone, tablet or Ipad

====> A few work tool is also needed (Screwdriver, screws)

Now, to avoid mistake while setting up, you might need to visit your Onn Roku TV manual

With all our requirement provided, we can now start the setting.

====> Things to do is to mount the TV on the wall or screw the TV stands to the TV.

====> Then  connect the TV into a power outlet

====> Make sure your internet is well connected and working well.

====> Then takeout the Onn Roku TV remote and insert the batteries

====> Then put ON your Roku Smart TV

====> Then follow the on-screen pop up message to select the language, region (location), and the place where you want to use the TV. (home, store or office)

====> After the initial set up is completed, next thing is to connect your Onn Roku TV to the internet.

====> If you are using Ethernet, just plug in the cable at the back panel of the TV

====> And if you are using wireless connection, a list of network will show up, you just need to select your network and the type in the password using the remote control

====> If your internet is connected, a software update will start, where the latest software will be downloaded and installed

====> Wait for some minute to complete the updating. Your TV will restart automatically to complete the setup process.

How to activate Onn Roku TV

====> Next stop after the setting up the Onn Roku TV is to activate the TV to access Roku and other channels. The below steps will make you understand how to activate.

====> After your TV complete the software updating and it re-starts, a TV activation screen will pop up. on the screen, you will need to find the activation code you need to finish up the process.

====> Then Go to on your PC or your smart phone browser.

====> Type in the link code (activation code from your TV screen)

====> Once you type the code correctly, you will be taken to Roku log – in page where you need to sign in to your Roku account if you have and if otherwise, you will need to create one.

====> Once you have logged into your account complete the billing process, then select channel you want to add to your TV.

====> And your TV will start updating automatically.

====> Be patient for some minutes to complete the updating, after that, go to your TV home screen and click on channels, then start streaming your sweetest programs.

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Wrapping up

Anyone who is looking forward to an affordable entertainment system. The Smart TV give full access to the Roku streaming service without any need for an additional cable box or Roku device.

If you have gotten one of these TVs, then this little writeup above will really help you to set upload activate without any form of stress.

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