How to Reset a Haier TV

Reset Haier TV

Are a very good user of a Haier TV and you do have problems in resetting your Haier TV, to reset it is not what you can be sweating about unnecessarily because it is the easiest method to deal with and resolve with little time, and you can fix some problems when you restart your Haier TV.

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The listed option are the issues you fix through resetting your Haier TV

====> Signal problems

====> Pictures problems

====> Sound issues

====> Erratic settings

====> Haier Tv not turning ON

Note: The only issues about all this resetting is that all your data can be consumed while resetting and you might be logged out of all your streaming apps and Wi – Fi networks

How to Soft reset a Haier TV

To hard reset your Haier TV, follow the procedure below

====> First thing is to ON your Haier TV

====> Pick up your remote and press the home button to open the main menu

====> You will now scroll down to the setting section on the remote using the arrow button

====> Then click on OK

====> Choose General {or common in other models}, and press OK

====> Choose system recovery, tap on OK

====> If requires passcode, just type in 0000

====> Then press OK

====> Then choose recovery and press OK

After clicking on OK, and your Haier TV restarted, it means your problems are solved already and no issues will arise anymore, eventually if it doesn’t solve your problem, that means you will need to hard reset the TV.

How to factory reset your Haier TV

Follow the below steps and procedure to reset a Haier TV that runs on Android OS

====> On the main menu of the TV, click on settings

====> Then scroll till you find Device performance and tap on it

====> Then scroll down to find reset and click on it

====> Click on reset

====> Choose erase everything from the dropped down option

====> Along the line, your TV will restart automatically

====> Just calm down till it wipes everything away and after that it will appears and ask you to set up the TV

====> What you need to do is to follow the setup wizard, make sure you are able to connect to your remote and Wi – Fi network.

Wrapping up

To reset your TV is very much important on Haier TV troubleshooting in as much it gives solutions to some of the disgusting issues. Am very much sure you will find this little write up so useful and helpful for your Haier TV to work properly.


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