How to Program a Comcast / Xfinity Remote to a Samsung TV

Comcast Xfinity remote

There are three ways you can program a Comcast / Xfinity remote to your Samsung TV

There are lot of devices that support different kinds of remote controls, At time you may face some challenges on how to figure out which remote control that can work for your device.

If you have many devices programmed to your Comcast Xfinity remote can help declutter your coffee table since you are not using individual remotes for each device.

Good news for the Comcast subscriber because there are lot of device they can program their remote for use even including Samsung TV.

Now let take our time to explain the three method we can use to program a Comcast / Xfinity remote to your Samsung TV

====> The first method is entering the device codes manually

Under this method, firstly you need to check your television’s programming code from the remote’s user manual or online.

Do not forget that the primary code for a Samsung TV for Comcast remote programming is (120151), you will also find different in the Comcast remote user manual including 10812, 10814 &10766.

Table: List of Xfinity / Comcast

Remote codes for Samsung TVs

10030                10060             10766            10812

10814                10812            107202           10179

10766                10814            11060             11903


After confirming that your code are very correct, then follow the below steps to configure Xfinity remoter for your Tv manually

====> Firstly power on your Comcast box and television, you can find the Samsung TV power button any where on the remote depending on the product or model, but mostly you find it on the front panel

====> Then look for the TV button and press on the remote

====> Just press and hold down the setup button until double blink pop up on the TV button, so also the LED light at the top of the remote can turns green when you press and hold down.

====> Make sure your Xfinity remote  is pointed towards your television if you are pressing the power button until the device shut down and if eventually does not shut down, keep doing it all over and over using any possible  Comcast remote codes until you finally get the correct one.

====> After the programming have been successful, then press the button on your remote to make sure they are functioning because only the basic functions of your TV using the remote can be accessed.

Note: If the status LED on your remote blinks red after inputting in any of the code, be sure that the correct code is used and try once more.

Before we move to the second method, you can also check: How To Activate AMC TV On Apple TV, Roku, Fire stick.

Programming through Automatic searching for device codes is the second method.

When using this method, there is no need to worry about having Samsung programming codes to Sync on Comcast remote to your TV

====> Put on the power of your television and Comcast box

====> Then press, the TV button on the Xfinity remote

====> Then press and hold the SETUP key till the TV button flashes green light twice.

====> Key in 9-1-1 on the remote, the TV button will blink twice

====> Then press 1 on the remote, press the power button and CH+ button

====> Keep repeating the process until the TV finally power off

====> Then don’t forget to press SETUP to save the code.

The Third Method is programming Xfinity for Samsung TV using RF pairing

Any Samsung users can as well program their Xfinity remote using RF pairing

RF stand for Radio Frequency, Follow the below steps

====> First thing you must sure of is that your remote control is powered  on and working well

====> Then put your Samsung TV power on

====> Press also and hold the SETUP button till the signal light blink a green light

====> Then on the remote, press the Xfinity button

====> Enter the 3 digits code showed up on your screen

====> Then point the remote toward the TV and press any stand key to confirm that the process is successful.

What you can do if your Xfinity remote stopped working.

====> Initially your Comcast Xfinity remote should work automatically with Comcast television boxes, though you will need to program it so that it can work on any other television model. you can confirm that you have already programmed it correctly for your Samsung TV, by making sure that the remote can perform the following settings.

====> Change channel on the TV

====> Can change the volume of your TV

====> Can also power the TV on and off

There are some reasons why your remote may fail to pair with TV and these can be a faulty remote, barrier between the device and television box, and also problem with the TV.

You can get rid of this problem through the following steps.

====> Factory reset: You can reset the Xfinity remote when you press the SETUP button till the LED light at the top flashes twice

====> Press and release just any one button on the remote at a time

====> You should also stand in the front of your TV box to minimize the angle in between that TV and the Xfinity remote

====> Try to test the Comcast Xfinity remote on different device if there is anyone available and to confirm if it really works out, it means there is a problem with your Samsung TV.

====> Then you will need to restart it when you unplug it from the power source and wait for about 30 seconds and re – plug it back.

Note: You can contact customer support if you found out that the remote does not work after trying the above solution.

Wrapping up

As we have been discussing the issue on how we can program a Comcast Xfinity remote on a Samsung TV and how we can get rid of any problem that may stop our Xfinity remote working, am pretty sure that going through this little write up will definitely help us out.

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