How to Enable 2FA on VPN (Virtual Private Network) Account

2FA on VPN

Meaning of VPN

Virtual Private Network is the full meaning of VPN, and to enable 2FA on your VPN account is very much advisable, and is a private Network that hide (encrypt) and transmit data while it travel from one place to another on the internet. Using VPN to get connected to the internet helps you to browse website privately, and securely so that you can gain access to restrict websites and to conquer censorship block. VPN does not only meant for Desktop or laptop, you can also set it up on your smart phone.

How VPN Works

====> When ever you are connected with your VPN service and  if it is switched on, then you will be connected to one of the VPN server’s provider.

====> Along the line, you will be provided with the IP address of the particular server (i.e special numbers that belong to one of the VPN provider instead of using your own IP address.

====> Your internet connection will also be converted to code to prevent unauthorized access (encrypted) between your device and the server you are connected to

====> When your IP address is hidden it will help you to access the internet  privately and secured your browsing from being traced.

How to create VPN Account

You can create your VPN account on any of the following device;

Window 10

Android device

====> Firstly click on the window button

====> Go to setting where you see network and internet > VPN, then click on Add a VPN connection

====> At the page choose window (button) for you VPN provider, name your VPN below connection name. Enter the server name or address, the VPN type and the type of sign in information

====> Provide username and password for more security

====> Then click on save.

====> To connect to your VPN, head back to settings option, and select network and internet>VPN

====> Select connect and enter a password if you have one already.

How to set a VPN on iOS

Setting up of VPN in your iOS device will only need to download the app from app store and it will be configured automatically for settings.

====> Open the app and go to settings

====> Tap on general

====> Then scroll down to select VPN (iPhone) will ask maybe are currently connected to one or you are not.

====> Click on Add VPN configuration and follow the instruction provided by the app you have chosen

====> Back to the Add configuration page and add your VPN description, server, remote, ID and local ID

====> Put in your username and password, you can go for proxy if you like.

====> Click on done, and you will be brought back to the VPN screen, just toggle the status to switch on.

Setting VPN on Android

====> Download the VPN app on your device

====>Open it and head to settings

====> Go to Network and internet

====> Then click on advance settings

====> Click on VPN

NOTE: If possible you did not see network and internet in the setting page, it depends on Android overlay, then you can search for VPN within the setting and press the add button.

====> Then create your VPN profile, by adding your VPN name, type and server address

====> Then click on save.

====> You will be redirected back to the VPN screen where your VPN name will be displayed, tap on it and put your name and password

====> Enter your VPN name, type, server, address, username and password.

====> Click on save and your are done.

How To Enable 2FA on Your VPN Account

As we all know that 2FA means (Two Factor Authentication), and that is the special, unique and a secret way you can make a better and stronger security to all your online platform which declines any third party to have access to your account without your consent .

You can now follow the below instruction to get how you can enable 2FA on your VPN Account

====> Log in to your VPN account

====> Below “Configure 2FA” then choose your Google Authentication

====> If you have one on your device, don’t need to download another one.

====> Scan the QR code using device, and type your generated 6 digits pin that you will generate.

====> This will lead you to confirmation page

====> And you are done enabling 2FA

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How to Disable 2FA on VPN Account

To disable 2FA on your VPN account is very simple and straight forward

====> just need to login in to your VPN account

====> Select configure 2FA from the drop menu

====> Click on Disable 2FA

====> After this you will be brought back to the page when you will be asked to re-enable 2FA again.

Wrapping up on how to enable 2FA on VPN Account

As we have discussed earlier that 2FA is very important on all our online platform and it does not give any difficulties when you save guard your 6 digits pin for future purposes.

Stay safe!!!

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