Complete Guides On How To Enable 2FA On Okta

2FA on Okta

What is Okta

Okta is an online platform that is managing trading identity and access management, company based in San Francis. To enable 2FA on your Okta account makes it so easy and pretty for use without any intruder going through your account. It was founded in 2009 and as we speak it have over billions users.

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How to Create Okta Account

====> Firstly, make sure you have the app on your device which be done through Google play store.

====> Click on sign up in the sign page

====> In the dropdown menu (i.e create account page)

====> Enter your email

====> input your password

====> FirstĀ  name

====> Last name

Note: Your organization or company may require additional profile

====> Click on register

====> Then open your email customer and click on the link in your welcome to Okta message

Your account is created and you will be directed again to the sign in page

=====> Input your username and password and click on sign in, mind you, your primary email address is your username

====> You will be brought to welcome page, then follow the instructions that follows

====> Choose a forgot password question

====> Add a phone number (optional) to receive recovery message from Okta

====> Choose a security image. After this you will be directed to your user Dashboard and the image will b e displayed on your sign in page to be assured that you are signing to a trusted site.

How To Edit your Profile on Okta Account

====> If you wish to edit your profile (optional), click the menu by your name

====> Select setting on the account page

====> update your personal information

====> Select your security image

====> Set up Okta verify

====> Change your display language

====> Change your password

====> Select and answer a forgotten password question

====> Add a new number to receive the forgotten password message

Uses of Okta Account

====> Once you login to your Account you will have direct access to all application in your workplace

====> It does not require password anytime you want to login

====> Okta saves time and data

====> Okta also work more effectively

Advantages of Using Okta Account

====> There password are kept so secured

====> Their on-boarding and off boarding are so easy

====> Their password management are also centralized

====> It is easy to setup and configured

====> They require multifactor Authentication

====> Okta is very reliable

====> They make interface management so easy and quick to understand

====> You can login to the app directly without any stress.

Disadvantages of Using Okta Account

====> Okta have high price

====> Customization is more needed

====> If you are using Okta for a large organization, more charges will be required

====> At times while setting up Okta account it may require their support

====> Okta can be cheaper at times too

====> Due to Okta security log out time can be horrified

====> it does not work smoothly on hand with Last pass which can be a hindrance sometimes

How to Enable 2FA on Okta Account

2FA is a better way of securing your online account so that hackers will not find a way to your accounts.

====> Firstly login to your Okta Account

====> Navigate to Admin

====> Then find Authentication

====> Click on 2FA (Two factor Authentication)

====> Then select option Okta verify and click save

====> Click on confirm to enforce Okta verify to make it second facto of authentication, (2FA).

====> After that, you will be taken to another page that allow you to select the users that 2FA should be enforced.

Note: It is possible for you to enable 2FA for a single user or multiple users in bulk

====> Click on the enable button beside their respective username

====> For Multiple users, you will need to select the users names and click on enable at the top of the user list.

How to Disable 2FA on Okta Account

you can also disable 2FA through this method and close the window when you are done.

Conclusion on how to enable 2FA on Okta Account.

Okta is a very useful application without any stress while using it and it is advisable to enable 2FA on your account when you have one.

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