How To Download WhatsApp Video Status

Download WhatsApp Status video

What is WhatsApp:

This is a free app that is majorly meant for conversation, to download WhatsApp videos status is very easy and simple and this can be done between two friends, families, relatives, companies or organization in which you can send messages, voice notes, video and even pictures, you can even make video calls while using WhatsApp.

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How to use WhatsApp

For you to start using WhatsApp you must make your smartphone available with your sim card of any network of your choice, there must be internet connection. In which your sim card will represent your phone number which is your WhatsApp username and your account will be stick to your smartphone. After that you will need to download and install the app on your smartphone.

WhatsApp Video status

This is a short film that can be posted on one’s status for others to view and it can come in form of comedy or message.

How to Install WhatsApp on your Smartphone

====> Go to your phone and search for Google play store

====> Type WhatsApp and click on download

====> After downloading click on install

====> After installation your are now a WhatsApp user and all you need to do is to go to your phone icon and open the App and register for your account.

====> After launching the app and approving their terms and condition

====> Enter your mobile phone number and confirm it.

====> Verification code will be sent to you through SMS and it can also be done by WhatsApp automatically

====> Then you are welcome to WhatsApp Users group, which means you can now import existing contact if you wishes.

====> You are now ready to chat on WhatsApp

Since you are done installing WhatsApp App on your smartphone, the next thing to do is to setup your WhatsApp Profile

Setting up your WhatsApp Profile allow people to know who you are, even if you do not have their contact and they have yours it will be easy for them to chat you on WhatsApp.

How to set up your WhatsApp profile

====> Open the App

====> Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the app

====> Click on settings

====> Click on your name at the top of the screen

====> Tap the camera icon and select a photo to change your profile picture

====> The pencil like icon next to name, tap on it to change your user name

====> Their is another Pencil like icon behind About, tap on it to input or adjust your bio data.

How to change WhatsApp Phone number

====> Open your WhatsApp App

====> Navigate to the settings

====> Tap on Account

====> Search for change number

====> Click on Next

====> Input your old phone number in the first page

====> In the second page type in your new phone number\

====> Tap on Next

====> Tap Done

====> And you will be prompted to register your new phone number.

How to use gifs on WhatsApp (Android)

====> Firstly open a WhatsApp Chat window

====> Click on the smiley face at the left of the text box

====> Tap the gif text at the bottom of the screen

====> You can tap the magnifying glass icon to search for more gifs (optional)

====> Choose the gif and press send

How to send a gif on WhatsApp (iPhone)

====> Open a WhatsApp chat window

====> Click on the plus + icon in the bottom left

====> Then select photo and video library

====> At the bottom left corner, tap the gif text

====> Tap the magnifying glass icon in the bottom left for more gifs searching (optional)

====> Choose the gif and press send.

How to use WhatsApp on your Computer

====> Go to on your computer browser

====> Open WhatsApp on your phone

====> Tap on the 3 dots in the top right, then WhatsApp Web.

====> Tap the plus + icon at the top right

====> Point your phone camera at he QR code on your computer screen.

====> WhatsApp should instantly log in on your computer.

How to make WhatsApp Group video call

Study the below steps to make a group video call from a WhatsApp group

====> Open WhatsApp on your device.
====> Then after you will have to the group chat you want to video call.
====> Then click on the call icon
====> Then choose the contact you want to add to the call.
====> And finally tap on the Video call icon.

How to download WhatsApp videos (status)

To download your friends WhatsApp videos status without telling them or begging them to send to you is very simple and easy in as much you have a better connection to the internet, then follow the below steps on how you can download WhatsApp videos (status).

====> First thing to do is to make sure you are connected to the internet

====> At the right bottom of the screen, click on downward arrow named social

====> Go check for Xender App

====> Now go to the top of the screen and tap on connect

====> There are 3 options there, which indicate status, Instagram, Downloader

====> Click on Status

====> Go to your contact list and view or watch their status

====> Then go back to your Xender and click on download arrow.

Conclusion on how to download WhatsApp videos status

As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the best online platform for communications and to download video status is very simple with the little write up.

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