How to Download Video on Youtube and share

Downloaded Youtube video

Downloading a video on Youtube and sharing it is the most difficult challenges people encounter when it comes to Youtube video and it is the very simplest method you can ever do. How to download Video on Youtube and share is what you can do easily without any difficulties.

YouTube  is one of the best video sharing service where users have access to watch, like, share, comment and upload their own videos whenever they have internet connection. The video service can be done on PCs, laptops, tablets and via mobile phones.

At times people love to download videos on Youtube channel and share it with their families and friend but they will found it difficult to share it after downloading it, and that is what will be discussing in this little write up.

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Let now follow the below steps on how to download video on Youtube and share.

====> Preferably you will need to have chrome as your browser on your device

====> Then go to your chrome browser and type in and click on send

====> while waiting for loading the page, then click on the Youtube  search button and type whatever you want to download and send.

====> Then click on the video you want to download when you found it

====> While you wait for the video to load, then go back to the search button of your browser at the top of the video, then click inside the search button. meanwhile, under the browser’s search button it will display the link of the video you want to download, there is a pencil icon as the third option at the front of the link,  just click on the pencil icon, it will display or copy the http link inside the search box.

====> Then go back to the http link that was copied where you will (, click in between the dot and y and type ss (i.e), you will get something  like (m.ssyoutube).

Note: Do not delete the dot (.) between m and y

====> Then click on send

====> It will take you to SavefromNet, then click on download.

After it might have downloaded the video, then go to your device playlist you will find it there and you can share with families and friend.

Wrapping up

To download video on Youtube and share is very easy and it doesn’t much of your time when you have a well connected internet.

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