How To Download Video On Netflix

How to Download video on Netflix

¬†subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device. You can also download TV shows and movies to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watch without an internet connection how you can downloading movie on Netflix is very simple and interesting because Netflix is an online platform that require subscriptions to download video and TV for entertainment during one’s leisure time, Netflix allow members to watch Tv shows and movie in the absence of commercial, your downloaded movies and Tv series can be watched later without internet connection.

Note: To be a member of Netflix you must know and understand the plans and pricing of Netflix before getting started.

Plans and pricing of Netflix

This plans and pricing of Netflix for each will determine the number of device you can possibly watch at a time and if your prefer to view in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultral High Definition (UHD).

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Advantages of Netflix

====> Netflix is simple and easy to use: This is very simple if you download the app on your Android or iOS, open the app and login and you are good to go.

====> No Commercial Problem: This reflect this when you find a movie to watch. once you click on play you will surely enjoying your watching without any ads interruption.

====> Original program: Netflix does not give out fake program or pirated movies, their work is original and true.

====> You can download the content and watch it offline: This is the sweetest advantages of Netflix, you can download as many as possible especially when you are planning to travel on a long distances.

Disadvantages of Netflix

====> The new content may not be available when you read it

====> Netflix library is outdated and they need couple of time to update it and include new contents

====> Choosing your movies and Tv shows: This is the greatest cons of Netflix because you will find it a bit difficult to get your offer if your location is outside US (United States).

How to create Netflix Account:

To create Netflix account is very simple and easy, take a look of this steps and create your account in some minutes.

====> Visit sign up

====> Choose a plan that pleases you

====> Then create one account

====> Enter a payment method

Note: You will be charge one time a month starting from the day you signed up once you are a member of Netflix.

How to Download Video On Netflix

Downloading videos on Netflix is very simple and direct if you follow the steps below

====> Open the Netflix App

====> Find out the movie you want to download

====> Then tap the download button that looks like downward point arrow

====> Depending on your network connection, in few minutes your video is downloaded

Note: Movies have only single download button while TV series generally have separate download button for each episode

How To Watch Downloaded Movie on Netflix

This aspect does not require much stress, just go back to the movie after downloaded or the Tv show you want to watch and click on to play as normal videos on your device and you will start enjoying your movie offline.

How To Delete Downloaded Movie from Netflix to free space

====> Open the app

====> Go to movie’s details screen

====> Click on the blue icon that indicate that the video has been downloaded

====> In the dropdown menu that displayed, click on delete

====> You can tap more at the bottom of the page, and click on app settings to delete more than one download.

How to Subscribe to Netflix to Download Videos

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