How To Download Facebook Video

Download Facebook video

What is Facebook video:

This is a short film been posted on ones timeline on Facebook which can come as an advertisement or comedy to share with friends on the Platform, and to download Facebook video is not a difficult task. This is at times difficult for some people to download it when they finish watching it on the social media.

As we all know that Facebook is a world wide social media that has gone so far and it is the best social network with the largest users.

Sharing videos, and photos are also part of the important feature of the social network. It was the old time when people use to share trending videos, but this days now Facebook itself makes stuff go viral

Some features of Facebook

====> Friend:

This is act of sending a request to someone on this platform to become his or her friend and immediately the receiver of the request accept the sender’s request they become friends on Facebook which they will both sees their post and tag themselves. It is also possible to remove one’s friend which is called “unfriending” when you see you don’t want to be friends with  such person.

====> Groups:

Facebook group can be created by and individual which allow to post content like link, images, comments, and vides on the group chat. collaboration and discussion is also allowed in the group, the group also have some level of privacy like “open” and “secret”.

====> Events:

Facebook event is a way member tell their friends about an event to be done in their various community to organized social gathering, the name, network, host name, type, start time, location,  will also be included and the list of friend to be invited to the event. Events can be public or private. You cannot find the private event in the search box but by invitation only. And there is not way people that have not been invited can view a private event’s description, Wall, or photos. They cannot also not see any Feed stories about the event.

====> Facebook videos:

Facebook officially launched its video platform, they allow their users to upload recorded videos of their choice. They also support the “tagging” of their friends, so also photos.

====> Poke and Greeting:

Facebook users have had the Grace  to “poke” other users and it served as a fast and easy way to attract the attention of another user and the feature remain till date.

Steps to how to download Facebook videos

====> First thing to do is you will click on the video to watch

====> While still watching the video, there is 3dots at the top of your right hand side then click on it

====> There will be dropdown menu where you will see

  • save video
  • Hide post
  • Snooze the video tips for days
  • Hide all video from who is posting it
  • Find support or report video
  • Turn on notification for this post
  • Copy the link

====> you will just click on copy link which is the last option on the dropdown menu

====> After copying the link

=====> Minimize your device and open your Xender

====> Down the Xender option tap on social (that indicate the download sign)

====> There you will see status, Instagram and Downloader

====> Click on the Downloader

====> There will be paste link bar

====> Then paste the link you have already copied

====> After pasting the link, just tap on paste & Download

=====> After that it be Analyzing until the video is downloaded and your are done downloading your video.

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Conclusion on how to download Facebook video:

With the little explanation that I have made, I think this write up will be of little help for you to download that video you are eager to have on Facebook.

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