How to Delete Viewing History on Disney Plus

how to delete viewing history on Disney plus

Apart from the diverse library, Disney plus has one of the clearer user interfaces, how to delete viewing history on Disney plus is what you can do without any stress or difficulties.

For a customized experienced to be delivered, it will first use your formal watching history to suggest similar content.

If you share an account, the customization may not be ideal for other people. Besides the watchlist makes it so been watching all this while.

And the most effective way to opt out of the customization feature on Disney plus is to remove the content under “because you watched”

If you don’t want other users to know about the content you have been streaming, you can alter your watch history for private reasons.

There is no way you can view or clear you view history on Disney plus. But there is a way you can manage your watchlist.

The alternative way you can delete view history on Disney plus will be disclosed below.

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Checkmark movies, shows, and TV series on your watchlist

you can only checkmark some shows, movies and TV series from list since you cannot further watching list on Disney plus on the go

How to edit your watchlist on a mobile device

====> Open the app (Disney plus)

====> Click on your profile icon

====> Open the watchlist

====> Then you need to select the movies, shows and TV show you are deleting

====> Then click on details

====> Then click on the tick icon

How to remove items on your watchlist on a web browser

====> Navigate to the Disney plus website

====> Login to your account

====> Click on the watchlist

====> Then choose the movie you want to remove

====> Then click on the checkmark (next to play icon)

How you can edit your watchlist on Xbox, play station and Apple TV.

====> Firstly, open the Disney plus app on your Xbox

====> Then go to watchlist

====> Select all the movies, shows, and TV shows you what you want to delete

====> Then click on checkmark to confirm

Automatic suggestion of similar content from Disney plus will stop once you remove the shows, TV shows, and TV series from your watchlist.

The most benefit of this alternative way of deleting watch history is that other users will never know what you are watching.

Create multiple profile for users on how to delete viewing history on Disney plus;

At times, editing the checklist may be time consuming and if you are tired of doing this or to save your time on your watchlist, you can create profile for each users.

see how you can create a new Disney plus profile on your smartphone

====> Open the app (Disney plus)

====> Go to your profile

====> Then choose edit profile

====> Go ahead and add profile

====> Then enter the profile name and select save

If you are on TV or web browser

====> Navigate to your profile

====> Select edit profile

====> Then tap on add profile

====> Enter the profile name and select save.

After you might have created profile for each users, there is no need for you to edit your watch list again, each profile will now have its own watchlist and different watchlist suggestion.

Forward the movies to the end on how to delete viewing history on Disney plus.

We have some users that wishes to watch the history of another users via “continue watching” list. Unknowingly fast – forwarding a TV episode, movies, or show can remove it from the list.

You can fast forward it till you see credit, that is if it is a movie.

You can fast forward it last episode from “Continue watching” if you are not interested, only if it is a TV series.

You may also see it subsequent season on the watchlist in some areas, if the Disney plus algorithm suggested other season of the TV show you do not like, then use the first option above.

Wrapping up on how to delete viewing history on Disney plus

According to what will have discussed above, that to delete viewing history on Disney plus is very simple and easy to perform.


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