How to create WhatsApp Group Invitation Link

How to create WhatsApp link

WhatsApp group Invitation link is very simple and easy to do, you can create it and invite as many as possible members without any problem when you send the link to them and as the admin of the group, you are the only person that can makes some changes in the group.

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====> What is WhatsApp Group?

====> Feature of WhatsApp Invite Link

====>  What can you do through WhatsApp

====> How to create a WhatsApp Group

====> How to create WhatsApp Group Invite link

====> How to create WhatsApp Group Invite link using GB WhatsApp

====>  What is GB WhatsApp

====> How to create WhatsApp Group invite link using GB WhatsApp

====> How to join WhatsApp Group without invitation

====> Merit and Demerit  of WhatsApp Group invitation link

====> How WhatsApp Business can be beneficial for your Business

====> Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing for every Business

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As we all know that WhatsApp is now the best communicating platform across the globe with its great and amazing features and styles over billions of people are using WhatsApp this day and we can notice our friends, family, companies even church creating group with more number of participant.

This is the reason why you see yourself in a group chat without informing and you will be sent an invitation link to join a group chat through the link, that is if you know someone from the group chat. The only issue on ground is that you cannot add someone to the group if you are not the admin of the group. Be rest assured of that will teach you how you can create WhatsApp group invite link. You can as well create a link and add other member to your group, you can also use the link to add friend from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, even all social networking site.

WhatsApp Group?

Is the fastest and best messaging app ever, it is full of many cool and  sweet features like voice calling, video calling and sending pictures. The most interesting part of WhatsApp is the group chatting, that is when you add many member to the group for a group discussion.

The only issue on ground is that only to admin can add a participant to any created group and the group admin must save its contact number on the mobile, if not he/she cannot add any new  number to the group.

How do now create this WhatsApp Group?

====> First thing to do is to navigate to your WhatsApp App on your device

====> After opening it, go to chat screen

====> Look at the top corner of the chat screen, tap on the new group button

====> Then select member or type their names from your contact  to add them to the group.

====> Then add an icon for the group via tapping on the empty photo box

====> Then add a name for the group

====> Tap on finished when you are done.

Things you can do through WhatsApp

====> You contact people with ease

====> You can send and receive videos, documents like word, Excel, PDF etc, images from gallery or camera.

===> So also audio files and songs, a location which informs other people where you are, contact information which has the name, phone number

====> You can also have a video or audio call

How to Create WhatsApp Group Invite Link

====> Open the WhatsApp app on your device

====> Select and open the group conversation

====> Then press the “3 dots” at the top right side of the page

====> Then click on the ” Group into” option (to create a Group Invite link,  make sure your are the Group Admin)

====> Tap on the “add participant” option

====> Click on the “Invite to the group via link” option

====> There are few option that will appear when you click on it

==> Send link via WhatsApp

==> Copy link

==> Share link

==> Revoke link

====> Then choose your option, if you are sending this link through your WhatsApp contact, then choose “send link via WhatsApp” option

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How to create WhatsApp Group Invite Link Using GB WhatsApp

====> First of all thing, you should download and the latest version of GB WhatsApp App

====> Mind you, you need to delete the old WhatsApp on your  device

====> Then open GB WhatsApp and enter your number

====> Be patient for few minute for your number verification

====> Option to back up your data will be showed up, don’t hesitate to choose and click next

====> Then you will have to choose the group you wanted to create an invitation link

====> Click on the menu icon, and go to group information (info and click next

====> Then tap on the + (plus) button

====> Then select invite group via link option
====> Now that you have created a link and you can start inviting other to join the group.

How you can join WhatsApp Group without Invitation

====> Firstly open the group from the GB WhatsApp

====> Choose the group and then click on menu icon

====> Then navigate to the group info and tap on + (add member) optional

====> Then click on invite group via the link

====> You can also use this link to add your friends and any participant in the group out of the admin permission

====> Tell it your  friends to copy and open the link through WhatsApp messenger

====> Then it will ask if you want to join the group

====> Just tap on ok, and you join the group already.

Merit of WhatsApp Group Invitation Link

====> It saves time

====> It does not require password to join the group

====> There is no need for the admin permission once you get the link

Demerit of WhatsApp WhatsApp Group Invitation Link

====> Anybody can join the group and spam it

====> At times the admin of the group can disallow not allow the group member not to post any chat in the group

How WhatsApp Business can be of benefit for your Business

====> Increased Promotion

====> To send tracking and transactional message

====> To support your customers

====> It also good in reviewing and rating feedback from customers

Wrapping up

Creating a WhatsApp group link is very simple and easy to do, you can create it and invite as many as possible members without any problem when you send the link to them and as the admin of the group, you are the only person that can makes some changes in the group. For example, as the group admin, you can makes some changes which you can be the only one to send messages in the group, if you don’t which to receive any messages from the members.

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