How to Convert Image to PNG format

Convert image to PNG format

PNG is the short form of “Portable Network Graphic”, and it is a famous image format in the internet graphics for the back of the clarity in browsers. To convert image to PNG format is very simple and logic.

This PNG are one of the great way of saving image, { logo} which needed clarity and fading, it maintain the original appearance on any color background.

We will talk about some ways we can get to convert image to PNG.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) was firstly introduced in 1990s as an alternative to GIF. PNG is totally free.

PNG give a support to both 8 – bit and 24bit color, like that of GIF and JPG; because they are lossless file, which means they will never lose their quality regardless of the times you open and save the file and that is the main usefulness of PNG over other format like JPG or GIF.

If you are converting image from JPG, you must have this in mind that JPGs are lossy files which may loss some quality from their initial compressions.

We have two major ways of which we can convert image to PNG format.

=====> Converting an image with window

====> Converting image using the many file conversion site available on the web

=====> Converting an image to PNG format with window

====> Firstly open the image you are converting into PNG by clicking on

====> File

====> Click on open

====> Then click on file from the drop down menu

====> Then click on “save as”

====> From the drop down menu of the next window, be sure that you have PNG chosen from the list of them and click on save.

By default, the rate of compression is already set on “Best” meanwhile you may want a little control over the compression of your file, so the save option has as many as possible extras of compression will automatically determine the size of your file, the bigger the number, the less the compression will be used when you want to save your image.

====> Converting an image to PNG format with Mac

Mac is a wonderful image editing program which can crop, resize, and convert files, it can also be used to view image files because it comes pre – installed with preview.

====> You can open the image in preview when you right – click the file and choose open with preview.

====> From preview, then go to file

====> Then click on Export

====> Then popup message will show up on your screen,

====> Select PNG as the file format

====> Then rename the file if you wishes

====> Then click on “save”

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====> Converting an image to PNG format Online

If you are using an online file conversion site, rather than desktop app, just go to no other site than, because they are the only one dedicated to the conversion of images.

====> First thing is to choose the pictures output format you want to use to save your image

====> Then, click on the select your image

====> After which you will need to navigate to the image you want to convert and click on open.

Note: The maximum size limit of image is 24.41MB

====> Terms of their use message will pop up, click on yes to agree

====> Then click on convert this image

====> Then your image has already been uploaded and converted

====> Then click on ” Download the image”, your PNG will be saved to your browser’s download folder.

And you have successfully convert your image into PNG format.

Wrapping up.

As we all know that converting image to PNG format is very simple and easy to do, the above write up will definitely help in knowing more about it.


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