How To Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

Loosing your LG Smart TV remote shouldn’t give you any headache or stress, because you can still connect Alexa to your LG Smart TV and operate your TV using Alexa.

You will get an assistance from the voice assistance which will allow to control your LG TV through voice commands or instruction.

Every LG OLED, UHD, and Nanocell TVs with WebOS 4.0 TVs founded in 2019 and thereafter Amazon Alexa built into the devices. LG TVs work perfectly well with Alexa due go a built – in technology called ThinQ

LG ThinQ draw out  voice command and make your TV able to do exactly what you ask; meanwhile you will need to connect Alexa to your Smart TV before you can make use of voice control.

Installation of the Alexa app and opening of Amazon Account should done so that you can be able to pair your TV, you will learn how to pair Alexa with your LG Smart TV in this Small article.

Content of the Article

====>  How to connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

====> Download the Alexa app from LG content store

====> Connect your Alexa to your Amazon account

====> How to add Alexa skills on LG Smart TV

====> What can Alexa do on LG TV?

====> What LG TVs work  with Alexa?

====> Which LG TVs have Alexa built -in>

====> Alexa app is not in the LG content store

====> Alexa is not discovering LG TV

====> Why won’t Alexa connect to my LG TV?

Follow the below Steps on How to connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

====> Download the Alexa app from LG content store

The first step is to download the Alexa app from LG content store, know how to do it from below

====> Press long the prime video button on your remote for two seconds

====> There comes up for the LG content store

====> Search for the Alexa App and download it.

Connect your Alexa to your Amazon Account

====> Open the Alexa app on your device

====> Choose the button that was labelled Setup Alexa on the app

====> A link to a website and a code will show up.

====> Then visit or open the website using your device or computer

====> Then enter the code shown on your TV

====> You are done and you can now use Alexa and your TV, firstly, you need to add Alexa skills on your LG Smart TV.

How to add Alexa Skills on LG Smart TV

====> Open the Alexa app

====> Then choose skills from the menu

====> Search for the LG ThinQ

====> And then choose LG ThinQ – complete

====> Select enable

====> Sign in with your LG account.

Note: Create an account from LG website if you don’t have any

What can Alexa do on LG TV?

There are lot of things that can be done on LG TV

====>  Turn your TV ON or OFF

====> You can increase the volume UP and DOWN

====> You can also set the volume to a specific number

====> You as well mute or unmute the TV

====> You can change the channel as well

====>  You can also control video playback by playing, pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding a video

====> Another amazing thing you can do on your LG TV is you can switch input to HDMI on TV or set the TV top set – set top box

What LG TVs work with Alexa?

Amazon Alexa only works with LG TVs which runs WebOS 4.0., you can confirm your TV version from the below

====> Go to settings

====> Select General

====> Then select about ThinQ TV

All information about your TV version will be displayed.

LG TVs that have Alexa built – in the list of LG TVs that have Alexa built – in includes W8, E8, C8, B8, B&S SK95, SK90, SK80, UK77, UK65, UK63, UK62, LK61, and LK54. If you use the one manufactured after 2019, it will definitely have LG ThinQ and Alexa

Alexa app is not in the LG Content store

If you cannot find the Alexa app in the LG content store, then you can be using a device that is not compatible with Alexa, that means you should go for upgrading your TV.

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Why Alexa is not discovery LG TV

If you observe that Alexa is not discovering your LG TV, you might have skipped the registration step, this steps is necessary for Alexa to work. See how you can fix the mistake

====> Press the Home button on the remote control

====> Then launch the “set up TV for Alexa” app on your TV

====> Then follow the setup instruction on your TV to complete the registration

Note: You can create LG account from the settings

====> Go to settings

====> Select General

====> Choose Account management

====> Then create an account from the prompt on your TV

Alexa does not connect to my LG TV why?

If the device you are using is incompatible, Alexa will definitely fail to connect to your LG TV, you can follow the below steps to fix the problem.

====> Download the Alexa app on your phone and log in to your account

====> Launch the set up TV for Alexa app on your TV

====> Sign in to your LG or Amazon Account

====> Select the name of your TV

====> Then go to your phone and open the Alexa app on a mobile phone

====> Enable LG smart ThinQ – complete skill

====> Then link the accounts

====> Then go back to your TV and complete the setup.


Alexa can only be connected to a compatible device (e.g LG Smart TV), while all TVs manufacture in 2019 with webOS 4.0 work with Amazon Alexa.

Moreover, your TV must be registered and sign in to your Alexa or Amazon account to sync both device. Once it is done you can use your voice to control your TV.


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