How To Activate VH1 on Roku, Hulu, Fire stick, Apple TV

Activate VH1

When Trying to activate VH1 on Roku, Hulu, Fire stick, Apple TV or any of your device you use, you must have this in mind that the service is only available to user that have an active subscription via a participating TV provider.

You can also watch VH1 using a streaming service without cable.

The listed option to be put in consideration are Philo, Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV, and T vision.

So also VH1 can be watched on Android TV, Tablet, and mobile, iPhone and iPad, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and more device.

Always have it in mind that the activation steps on how you can watch VH1 on your various device will be differs.

VH1 on Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that stands on its one and it does not have TV channel or live TV to watch VH1 on Netflix, you will need to subscribe through a television provider that have it as a channel so definitely VH1 is not available on Netflix.

Is VH1 on Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime is a premium subscription service, so you can watch VH1 TV shows on Amazon Prime. Prime gives a way to a Plethora of movies, Television shows, documentaries and other videos. Amazon prime membership cost $119 annually and $12.99 monthly.

Is VH1 free on Roku?

Roku is available on Roku as a channel and you can download it freely and easily on your Roku device device and he installation is stress free.

Before proceeding, you will need to activate it and also need a subscription with a TV provider to watch VH1 on Roku.

How to Activate VH1 on Roku

====> Press the Home Button on your Roku remote

====> Scroll up and down to check for streaming channels and select

====> Then open the channel store

====> Input in VH1

====> Select the channel

====> Click on OK

====> Then choose Add channel for the app installation

====> Thereafter, open the app

====> Inside the the app, select your TV provider

====> An activation code will show up

====> Then go to

====> And after that, enter the 7 – digits activation code

====> Click on continue

====> Then sign in with your TV provider using your account username

====> If successful, just wait for your Roku to be refreshed and you will be allowed to start streaming videos and TV shows

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Activate VH1 on App TV

Follow the steps below to Activate VH1 on your Apple TV

====> Go to your Apple TV and open the App store app

====> Search for VH1

====> Then select it after finding it

====> Choose Get

====> Then you will need to sign in with your Apple ID to download if you have not logged in

====> Open or launch the app after you might have installed it.

====> Then select TV service provider inside the app

====> Then an activation code will also appear

====> Go to

====> Then enter the activation code

====> Sign in with your TV provider

Then wait for some minutes for verification step to complete, then start enjoying the VH1 live stream on your Apple TV after the successful activation.

Activate VH1 on Amazon Fire Stick

If you are a fire stick user, then follow the below steps to activate VH1 on your device.

====> Go to the main menu on your fire stick and search for the VH1 app

====> Then highlight the app

====> Choose Get to download and install

====> Thereafter, launch the app

====> Choose your TV provider inside the app

====> An activation code will pop up

====> Go to

====> Enter the activation code

====> Sign in with your TV provider

====> You will now have full access to all content on VH1

VH1 on Sling TV

You can watch VH1 on Sling TV when you subscribe to any package available on Sling because VH1 is available on Sling TV as a channel. If  you didn’t  know about the subscription you can start with a free trial and cancel if you don’t need anymore.

After subscription you can now have the access to VH1 by download Sling TV app. The application is available an Smart TV, iOS, Android, Roku and more. You can also go ahead and stream it on your desktop browser.

How to watch VH1 on Hulu

You can not really enjoy the full program of VH1 on Hulu if you are a Hulu subscriber but only few of their program can you  enjoy and it is because Hulu has already selected shows that you can watch through Hulu’s on – demand library so therefore, VH1 is not part of Hulu live TV.

How to watch VH1 on Xfinity

When you are trying to activate your device, first thing you much consider is to choose your television provider on the VH1 app channel lineup of Xfinity as a TV provider does not include VH1. And the best way you can watch VH1 shows is to stream the content on your desktop browser via because you will never find Xfinity on the list.

Can I Watch VH1 for free?

Absolutely yes, you can watch VH1 for free on it’s website, there are selected numbers of videos you can watch out of subscription or without logging in as ads will be showing up while watching your favorite episodes and you may not like it.

So also, if you wish to watch VH1 on TV, you will need to provide a cable TV provider to watch through or a streaming platform and the two options needs subscriptions.

You can also sign up for a trial to access VH1 for free on Philo, Sling TV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, AT&T TV, and TVision

How to resolve your VH1 activation code that is not working.

You can follow that below steps to solve the problem that stop your activation code from working

====> Just click on the Regenerate code button so that you get another new code on the activation code page

====> Then you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app (VH1) on your device

====> Then launch the app and choose your subscriber

====> There will be a new code displayed on your screen

====> Then check whether your have entered the correct code and try again

====> Thereafter, your activation code should be working and if any issues arises again contact the VH1 support.

Wrapping up on how to Activate VH1

VH1 service is very much available on several platforms including Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku and many more and you can also use VH1 to stream TV shows, movies and entertaining videos.

Before you can be watching VH1, you must have subscribe via participating TV provider and if you did not have subscription you can still manage to stream VH1 out of a TV provider through platforms like Sling TV, Philo and others.

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