How to Activate Hoopla on Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Apple TV

Activate Hoopla on Roku

For the very first time you are accessing Hoopla, you will need to create an account with the service or you log in to your existing account if you have any, and to activate Hoopla on Roku, Apple account is what you can do without any stress.

Requirement for you to create an account are email address. a strong password, a public library card number and your are good to go.

After creating your account and it stand firm, you can now use the service on that is compatible with Hoopla, even Android, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast and iOS are not excluded.

How to Activate Hoopla

Activating Hoopla is not what gives a stress but it is very straight forward and simple, to activate Hoopla, the only thing you need is to download and install the Hoopla app, then sign in to your account, get your activation code, and complete the activation process using the activation code you have gotten through the link this

The merit and joy of activating your Hoopla account is that you will become the admin who controls all Hoopla TV channels.

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How to Activate Hoopla on iOS devices

To activate Hoopla on your iOS device, follow the below steps

====> First got the Hoopla app downloaded from the App store

====> Then open the app after you might have installed it

====> Then log in if you have already had an account or you create if you have none

====> Choose your library system

====> Agree to their terms and conditions and click on next.

====> Put in your library card number and PIN

====> Do not forget to click on next after putting in your card library number and PIN, then click on continue to start enjoying the services

NOTE: What to do if you launched the app and you got an activation code.

====> First of all go to

====> Then login to your account

====> Then input the four digit code displayed, and the app will be updated automatically and you will be allowed to access the content.

====> You can also pass the same process to activate Hoopla on your Android phone, the only difference is that you will download the app from google play store on your phone.

How to Activate Hoopla on Apple TV

Follow the below steps to access Hoopla content on your Apple TV.

====> Get the app downloaded and install from the App TV app store

====> Then launch the app

====> Login to your account if registered

====> There will be four digit code that will showed up

====> Then go to from your connected computer

====> Then input the four digit code

====> If you input the correct code, then service will sync your Apple TV to your existing Hoopla account.

How to Activate Hoopla on Chromecast

First thing to do if you have a Chromecast is to cast your TV before you can access Hoopla content and you can use your phone or tablet to cast, meanwhile, you will need to activate Hoopla on your device before you can further the step below because to activate Hoopla on Chromecast is one of the easiest method ever.

====> Connect your mobile device, tablet or PC to a Wi – Fi network

====> Make sure your have the device on the same Wi – Fi network as your Chromecast.

====> Then launch a Chromecast enabled application

====> Then click on the cast button

====> Chose your casting device

====> Immediately the cast button changed color, it means it has connected.

Note: At this junction, you can now cast all content from Hoopla directly to your TV and if you wish to stop casting, just tap on cast button and get it disconnected.

How to Activate Hoopla on Roku

Follow the procedure below to understand how you can activate Hoopla on Roku.

====> Pick up your Roku remote and go to Home screen

====> Then open the streaming channel section

====> Choose search channels

====> Then input the name Hoopla

====> Then pick up the channel by tapping on it after finding it

====>Then click on Add channel

====> Open the channel

====> Visit

====> Then login to your Hoopla account, if you have or you create one, you will get a 4 digit code

====> Then enter the 4 digit code generated.

Thereafter, the Hoopla channel on your Roku will be updated automatically and sync with your Hoopla account, you will now have the access to watch movies and TV shows.

How to Activate Hoopla on Amazon fire TV

A lover of Amazon product should patiently read this little writeup and follow the below steps and process to activated Hoopla on the device.

====> First of all, go to Amazon app store

====> Then type in the term Hoopla and click on search

====> After finding the app, get it downloaded and install,

====> After installation, launch the Hoopla app

====> You will found a welcome page, click on the next to open the page

====> You will also get a 4 digits code will display.

====> Then to link up Hoopla to your TV, visit

====> Then log in to your account

====> Enter the 4 digits code sent to you in the space provided

====> Then you are good to go and browse or borrow movies and contents, at the Hoopla app might have sync with your already existing Hoopla account.

 On Android TV

See the process below process on how to activate Hoopla on your Android TV

====> Firstly open the Google play store app on your Android Tv

====> Put in the keyword Hoopla

====> Tap on install

====> Then wait for some minutes for the app to download and install

====> Thereafter, you need to launch the app

====> You will see a displayed code

====> Then visit

====> Then log in to your existing Hoopla account or create a new one if you do not have

====> Enter the 4 digits coded provided

Note: If you enter the correct code, then  the app will sync with your Hoopla account and you will have access to the content or watch Hoopla on your Android TV.

Wrapping up

To activate Hoopla on your Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, as I said earlier is very simple and very straight forward if your are well connected to the internet and it is a stress free task.

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