How To Activate DISH Anywhere on Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, TV

Activate DISH Anywhere

 DISH Anywhere Activate is an online video site where you can watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and clips with immediate effect on your PC or smart phone. You can find as much as possible movies and TV shows on DISH Anywhere. This very DISH Anywhere  has many live and recorded TV programs that one can view on – the go and the service are available for free for all users or customers,

DISH Anywhere can be accessed on your PC, or smart TV and at the same time you can have the DISH Anywhere on your mobile device by downloading the App and stream  it on your mobile device.

DISH Anywhere customers can log in to unlock many content from the network they subscribed to at home even with Stare, TNT and many more.

Note: You will need to activate your device first before you can connect your device to stream DISH Anywhere

Is DISH Anywhere free?

Of course yes, DISH Anywhere is free, you will only have access to a lot of movies and TV shows if you have a well packaged subscriptions.

To login to DISH Anywhere as one of their customer, you will need your user ID and Password which will allow you to unlock every content from any kind of network you have already subscribed to in your convenient residence via a DISH Anywhere service.

How to Activate DISH Anywhere

There are various device you can activate DISH Anywhere and that can be done on the different devices listed below

====> Chromecast

====> Amazon Fire TV

====> Android TV

====> Roku

====> Xbox one

====> Smart phone

====> Apple TV


Casting really a best way of accessing DISH Anywhere on Chromecast, unfortunately the App does not support the cast function by you can still access it via mirroring if you are using an Android device, this is how you can tackle the problem.

====> First known to you that you will have the DISH Anywhere app installed on your Android smartphone.

====> Then open the Google Home app on your device

====> Connect the device to your Chromecast

====> Then you will discover that your smartphone have been mirrored to Chromecast

====> Then, next thing to do is just to open the DISH Anywhere app on your device

====> Then log in with the account you have linked with the DISH network

====> If successful, then go ahead to choose any video to cast and the content mirrored to your Chromecast will be shown.

How to Activate DISH Anywhere on Amazon Fire TV

====> From the Amazon Fire Home Screen, you just need to scroll down to Apps and Games

====> Then choose the DISH Anywhere icon, if that is necessary

====> Then input your Amazon video pin

Note: If you haven’t downloaded the DISH Anywhere app, use the Alexa voice remote that came along with your TV (i.e Fire Tv) to search for the DISH Anywhere app and tap on Get

====> Press the Home button to go to the Home Screen

====> Select the search bar or magnifying glass icon.

====> Next thing is to enter the term DISH Anywhere

====> Download and install the app

====> Launch the app

====> Your Tv will request and activation code by displaying it on the screen

====> Then go to using computer or smart device that is connected to the internet.

====> Then input your username and password

====> Then follow by Activation code, you will need to enter it as well.

====> Then choose Activate Device.

Note: After that, there will be a displayed activation page that will shows that you have registered the device successfully and the DISH Anywhere app home page will display and allow you to start streaming all the content.

How to Activate DISH Anywhere on Smartphone

Activating DISH Anywhere on your Smartphone or device is very easy and straight forward, this is how you can go about it.

====> You need to download and install the DISH Anywhere app on your iOS or Android

====> Then open the app on your device after installation

====> Go through the License Agreement, read, and also accept it

====> Input your online ID and password

====> Then select log in

After you might have logged in, you will need to access the service on your mobile device

Note: You have to put this in mind that if you have the DISH Anywhere app on your device, it will allow you to mirrored it on other device that does not support service. Example, replicating the screen on Roku, Chromecast or Apple Tv

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How to Activate DISH Anywhere on Android TV

Never forget that downloading the app is the first step of activating the service on your Android TV

====> From the Android TV Home Screen, then scroll to Apps

====> Choose the Google play store app

====> Check for apps and games

====> Select search and input the DISH Anywhere

====> Then select install when you find the app

====> Open the app when you finish the installation

====> Pop up message will be displayed on our TV, which will indicate activation code on the screen

====> Make sure you are connected to internet, either on your computer or smartphone, just navigate to

====> Then input your username and password.

====> Enter the activation code

====> Choose Activate device

Note: If all the information are intact and true, you should start streaming all TV shows, movies and other videos on DISH Anywhere.

How to activate DISH Anywhere on Roku

To activate or have DISH Anywhere on your Roku device, follow the below explanation

====> Installation of DISH Anywhere app on your Android device is the first step

====> Go to play store app on your device and search for DISH Anywhere

====> After downloading, tap the DISH Anywhere app on the top and install.

====> Then launching the DISH Anywhere app on your app drawer will follow after installation

====> Then on your Roku device, navigate to the settings page from Roku home screen and proceed to the system menu and choose screen mirroring from the options above, make sure you set it to Always allow or Prompt.

====> Make sure your Roku and Android device are connected to the same Wi – Fi network in your House

Mirror the DISH Anywhere app on Roku

====> Launch DISH Anywhere app

====> Log in with your DISH ID and password

====> Then select the model of your DVR box if prompted

====> After logging in, go back to your home screen and navigate to the settings

====> Then you will search for “Mirror” or “Cast” and tap the top result

====> Switch on the screen casting feature

====> Select your Roku device from the list out

====> If you set your screen mirroring mode to prompt on your Roku, you will need to authorize the connection

====> Within sometimes, your Android device screen should have been mirrored to your TV

====> Then go back to the DISH Anywhere app and playback a live TV channel


====> Open Google Chrome on your desktop, get it downloaded from, if you did not have it on your desktop

====> Visit dishanywhere.come and tap on login

====> And you will be asked to input your DISH online ID and Password

====> Once your login was successful

====> Click on the 3 dots icon at the top right corner of the Chrome Window

====> Choose cast from the drop down menu

====> On the next content menu, choose the source and select cast desktop

====> You can now select your device model from the content menu

====> In a jiffy, your whole desktop will be mirrored to your Roku device

====> You can now go on maximizing the Chrome and start streaming your favorite Channels, movies from DISH Anywhere web version.

====> If you which to go full screen mode, just need to click on the frame icon to do that.

Activate DISH Anywhere on Apple TV

It is very sad and unfortunate that DISH Anywhere cannot be activated on Apple TV but there is only two ways option that you can have DISH Anywhere on your Apple TV if you really want to watch any content on it.

====> To use Airplay: If you have an iOS device either (iPhone or iPad) it means you can open the DISH Anywhere app on your phone and Airplay the video to your Apple TV, actually you cannot Airplay the video feed, so you need to mirror your device to the TV.

====> You can use the app to watch any watchable movies or TV show, example, if you want to watch ESPN, you will need to get the ESPN app and authenticate with your DISH credentials. We have many channels with app that allows watching live TV. it is not really nice as like that an interface over all because there is no way you can change channels easily, it’s an option though.


DISH Anywhere activate gives you a room to thousands of TV shows and Movies instantly, you can as well access the content on your mobile device, web, Smart TV or connected devices.

If you are going for streaming, make sure you follow the first step which is the activation  of the service. And for you to do that, you must have or know your online ID and Password.

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