How to Activate BINGE on Apple TV, Android, Telstra, LG TV, Samsung TV

How to activate BINGE on Android

BINGE is one of the streaming platforms that has a lot of entertaining and refreshing content, you can enjoy the new trending drama, sitcoms, movies, documentaries and lot more and how to activate BINGE on Apple TV, Android, Telstra, Smart TV, and Samsung TV is not a difficult thing to do it is very easy and straight forward

Their service accept many devices, which include smartphones, tablets, smart Tv and desktop using Chromecast casting BINGE directly from your streaming device is also accepted, meanwhile you will need to activate BINGE before you can be able to stream it content depending on the device your are using.

Though the activation process varies depending on your device. NOTE, BINGE is not available on Roku and Fire TV

How to activate BINGE on Apple TV

Follow the below steps or procedure to activate BINGE on Apple TV, BINGE support any Apple TV version or higher than version 4

====> Firstly make sure you open the App store on your Apple TV’s home screen

====> Then get the BINGE app download from the App store

====> Then launch the BINGE app

====> Choose sign in

====> There will be a BINGE activation code that will display on your screen

====> Then use a desktop browser or mobile to go to

====> Then enter the code

====> Wait for the code to be authenticated, and enter your login credentials or details.

Your TV will sign in automatically and allow to start your streaming.

How to Activate BINGE on Android

see how you can activate BINGE on your Android TV below

====> Get your BINGE app download from Google play store and install it

====> Don’t forget to launch the app

====> Select sign in, then your activation code will displayed on your screen

====> Then Go to streamotion/activate using smartphone or computer browser

====> Then put in the code

====> You can login to your account if requested

====> Then choose your profile to start enjoying your stream on BINGE

How to Activate BINGE on Telstra TV

Take the steps below to activate BINGE on your Telstra TV

====> Go to Telstra TV’s app store and download BINGE app

====> Launch the app by opening it

====> Then select sign in

====> QR code will pop up on your TV

====> Then scan the QR code via a smartphone or tablet camera

====> Tap on the notifications that comes up

====> Then follow up the instruction and log in

You can now start enjoying your BINGE content on your Telstra TV

How to Activate BINGE on Samsung TV

BINGE can be found on Samsung TV models manufactured from 2017 till date, see how you can go about the activation below

====> Make sure you download the BINGE app from the Samsung TV app store

====> Then open the app

====> Click on sign in

====> A QR code will showed up

====> Scan the QR code using your phone camera

====> Then select the notification that pops out

====> Within some minutes the notification will redirect you to

====> Then put in the 8 digits code and click on confirm

====> Login to your account if required

After that your Samsung TV will log you in automatically and you will be allow to stream your movies and TV shows

How to Activate BINGE on LG TV

====> Firstly go to the home screen on your LG TV and choose BINGE app

====> Then install the app

====> Open the app and select sign in

====> You will see a QR code on your screen

====> Then scan the QR code via your device or mobile camera

====> Then choose the notification that appears

====> You will be redirected to

====> Enter your 8 digits code and click on confirm

====> Then you can login to your account if you want

====> Then your LG TV will be authenticated and you can start streaming BINGE content.

NOTE: You can only steam BINGE on 2018 LG TV models and later using webOS4 and above.

How to Activate BINGE on PlayStation

BINGE can be streamed on PlayStation 4 or 5. You will need to activate the device

====> Go to the PlayStation store app and search for BINGE

====> Download the app

====> The app will be founded in your TV and Video Carousel

====> Select the BINGE app and choose sign in

====> You will see QR code displayed on your screen

====> Then scan the QR code using a smartphone camera

====> Then go to and put in your 8 digits code

====> You can now select your profile and enjoy your streaming on PlayStation device.

Wrapping up

This little write up has explained in a simple way on how to active BINGE on our devices to stream the latest content.

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