How to Activate ABC on Roku, Apple, Fire TV, Android TV Smart TV

Activate ABC

ABC is the acronyms of American Broadcasting Company, is a commercial television broadcasting network founded by Walt Disney company, and how to activate ABC on Roku, Apple, Fire TV, Android TV, and Smart TV is what you can do out of stress if you have all the necessary things you suppose to have.

This broadcasting Network has as many as possible videos and free episodes that can be screamed on different devices.

Before you can stream from  ABC (American Broadcasting Company), you will need to activate your device.

Note: Not all device is compatible with ACB

The full list of devices that are compatible with ABC are list below;

1. iOS

2. Android

3. Apple TV

4. Fire TV

5. Android TV

6. Roku

7. Smart TVs

How to activate ABC on Compatible devices

Activating ABC depends on the kind of platform you are using, this is how you can go about the activation.

How to Activate ABC on iOS

====> Firstly find the ABC app from the Apple app store and download it

====> Thereafter, launch the app on your selected device, either {iPhone, Apple TV and iPad}

====> After that, you will get the ABC {American Broadcasting Company} code and put it down in a saver place for future use.

====> Then visit the via your computer or smartphone.

====> Then type your saved activation code and press continue

====> Select  a TV provider and use your login credentials to login to your account

====> Then click on the submit button to finish up

====> Then you are good to go on your iOS device to watch ABC channels

How to Activate ABC on Roku

====>Firstly go to Roku channel  store to download and install the ABC app from there.

====> Then launch and choose programs

====> There will be shown up activation code put it down for further purpose

====> Then go to using another device

====> Then enter the activation code and tap on proceed

====> Then you will need to choose your TV provider from the dropdown menu

====> Then sign in to your account on your TV provider

====> Just make sure provided information is up to date and then start enjoying ABC  programs on your Roku device.

How to Activate ABC on Amazon Fire TV

The below steps will help you through

====> Don’t forget to first got your ABC app download from Amazon app store on your Fire TV

====> Then launching is the next thing after downloading and installing the app, then go to the app segment

====> Remember to put down the activation code that shows up

====> Then go to using another device that has a browser or better still you use PC or a smartphone well connected to the internet.

====> Then put in your activation code and tap on continue to submit

====> Select your TV provider and sign in to your account

After confirming your activation code and you can sign in to your account perfectly, you can now free to enjoy ABC channels on your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Activate ABC on your Android TV

Check below steps to know more

====> Go to your Android play store

====> Download and install ABC app on your device

====> Write down the activation code that will be displayed immediately you open this app

====> Then go to via any device that is well connected to the internet.

====> Then enter your written down activation code and click on the proceed button

====> Select the TV provider that you have subscribed to the ABC channel

====> Then login to your account using your details correctly.

====> Then click on submit button

====> Then you can now watch ABC on your Android TV.

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How to Activate ABC on Your Smart TV

====> You must have the ABC app downloaded and installed on your device

====> Then launch the ABC app

====> Click on the account button

====> Choose your TV provider and click on sign in

====> Your activation code will appear, which is seven digits, then put it down for further use.

====> Using another device connected to the internet, go to and type in your seven digit activation code.

====> You are now good to go and stream your favorite shows from your smart TV

Wrapping Up

Before you start any ABC activation on your device, first of all check out maybe your device is compatible or not, and if there is any problem along the line you can contact ABC help center.





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