Fixing “Error Licensing this Video” on YouTube TV

To Fix Error Licensing this Video on YouTube TV

Error Licensing this Video on YouTube TV is a common problem that faces our YouTube channel while trying to watch videos and as we all know the usefulness and enjoyment gotten from YouTube because it is a great entertainment platform that contain over thousands of Videos to be chosen from.

So, sometimes you might find it difficult to play some videos from your YouTube channel which can be annoying by receiving error messages.

Normally, the YouTube Video licensing error affects Google chrome, Chromebook, or Chromecast media player users.

Also can it shows on the YouTube TV app on devices like Roku, Apple TV, gamming console, and even mobile devices.

If you are lucky you can conquer the issue by updating your browser (i.e Google Chrome and Chromebook users) or you update the YouTube TV app.

We will like to take a look at what causes these errors and possibly some ways we can take to resolve it and also other solution we can practice.

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Things that causes the YouTube TV Licensing Error?

Some issues that can cause YouTube Video Licensing error are listed below

====> Outdated browser

====> Outdated YouTube app

====> Outdated operating software. (for computer and Chromebook users.)

====> Corrupted Google Account information

====> Corrupted YouTube app data

====> A bug or glitch on your router or issues with or internet connection

Check below to troubleshoot the error

1. Update your Google Chrome browser:

The most annoying part that causes YouTube TV licensing error is when your browser is outdated (Google Chrome in particular). So therefore, first thing to  do you should first of all update your browser.

2. To Update Google Chrome:

====> Open the browser on your computer and at the top right corner, click on the 3 dots menu.

====> There will be dropdown menu, go to help, then look for About Google Chrome

====> Pop – up tab will appear showing the current version of your browser, if it is outdated “update”¬†button will appear then click on it to update

After you might have updated your browser, then restart your device then try to play your YouTube videos again.

3. Update your YouTube App: Outdated YouTube app is another problem of YouTube playback errors.

Therefore, if you are receiving an error messages while trying to play videos, you must know the condition of your app maybe is up to date or not outdated and for you to update your app you will definitely depend on your streaming device i.e if you are using mobile phone, you will simply navigate to your;

====> Google play store or Appl app store

====> Then search for your YouTube app and select update

If you are using Roku device,

====> You will need to go to system settings and select system option

====> Then choose system update

====> And from there any pending update will be installed.

4. Sign out, then sign in again into your YouTube Account:

Yes! This is another problem that cause YouTube TV licensing error, any corrupted account data can cause it too, in the sense that corrupted data is normally in stored cookies in the Cache or in the stored account info.

There could be an issues your account to experience problem and the best way to resolve it is just log out and log in again.

Through signing out and signing in again will definitely get rid of temporary files, and your session will be refresh in which could be a help to fix several problems.

So, also you can try to clear Cache and account data on your app/browser to wipe off any other corrupted files.

5. Install a fresh and up to date version of the YouTube app:

If you are still facing some issues on watching videos on your YouTube app with no fixable solution then you probably need to uninstall or remove the app on your device and then install a fresh one will be a better solution.

If you are using a smartphone device, then follow the below steps

====> Go to the app menu

====> Long – tap on the YouTube App

====> There will be option opt out

====> Then select uninstall or remove or delete it

====> Then move to your Google play store or your Apple app store

====> Then search for the app

====> Then click on download and follow by installation.

If you are using Roku device or smart TV, then follow the below steps also

====> To uninstall the app, go to the channel or apps section

====> Select the YouTube

====> Choose remove or uninstall under the menu options available

====> Once it is removed, then navigate to the channel store

====> Search for the app

====> Then install a fresh version of the app

6. Restart Your Router:

A router to your internet can also be a problem to your YouTube video playback issues. The router might have been corrupted or the speed may have problem and restarting your router may possibly solve the problems you are facing.

====> Now to restart your router, just unplug it power cord the outlet.

====> Then allow it to cool down for some minute

====> Then plug in back the router and power it on.


YouTube TV video licensing error is a common error you can face in using YouTube TV video and can be frustrated. But can be fixed easily with the solution discussed above, you will surely have not tough time in watching your YouTube videos after reading this simple write-up and am sure it will help your YouTube app and well functioning account again.

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