Complete Guides On How To Enable 2FA On Slack Account

2FA on Slack

What is Slack all about:

Slack is an online platform that is based on messaging, to enable 2FA on your Slack Account will give a better way and secured way to enjoy using it. People also use if for communication to work together, it more effective and also to connect all their software tools and service. Slack users can also find vital information they need to do their work.

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Features of Slack

====> Your Slack workplace: This is a page where you set up for team member of Slack users where they can communicate and rub minds together

====> Organized Conversation: Team member or Slack users send message and share files, they create channel for teams, project, office, location and any information related to your organization and also you can make a private channel conversation.

Advantages of using Slack Account

====> A very fast mobile app

====> It  is very easy for communication

====> To find someone on your network is very simple

====> Slack emoji’s is very hilarious

====> It provide supporting information from other sites

====> It is very quick to share files with others

====> For every message received on Slack there will be notifications for them.

Disadvantages of using Slack Account

====> Notifications can be annoying

====> At times Slack app is not reliable because it can stop working any time.

====> Message cannot be shared to public channel from direct messages.

====> You can not block users on Slack

How to download files from Slack

Note: If any files are saved in file management, tool, like box, Google Drive, or one Drive, you cannot download them and again you can only download image files from  Slack.

====> Tap the image you are saving / downloading

====> Click on the 3 dots

====> Then click on download

How to View your download from Slack

To view your downloaded files from Slack on your desktop is very easy

====> At the top right corner of your desktop click on your profile

====> Choose download fro the menu

====> And you will be able to view

How to manage your default download location

====> At the top right corner of your desktop click on your profile

====> Choose preference from the pop menu

====> Choose Advanced

====> Then under download location

====> Click on changed and choose your preference

How to create Slack Account

Take note of this:  If you are creating your Slack Account, you can join an existing workspace (optional) or your friend, organization can add you to one, and also you can make your own follow the bellow step to create your account.

Now follow the steps below to create your Slack Account

====> Go to

====> Click on “Get started”, a pop menu saying my team isn’t using Slack yet.

====> Input your email

====> You will be asked to verify your email with a code, then you have to go back the email provided to get the code sent to you from Slack and enter it.

====> Create a name for your workspace (i. e company or team)

====> Click on next

====> Enter what your project team is working on, i.e “Name for your project”. Enter it and click on next, it indicate your first Slack channel

====> In the next screen enter the names and email address of those you are adding to your workspace and invitation or request will will be sent to them.

====> Then click on see your channel in Slack

====> Then you are on Slack’s welcome page

====> In this screen, you have many things you will do to setup your channel e.g, you will be channeled to add people by email or share and invite link

====> If you scroll down, choose a greeting that is a message your teammate will get when they open their Slack.

====> Below that enter a message for your channel, then click on send when you are finished.

====> You can be automatically taken to a screen that you will set up a username and password or it may take you directly to your channel.

====> If you are not taken to then screen automatically, just click on get started button to access that at the upper left corner under your username on the main page

====> Click on finish set up.

====> Choose your name and password

====> Click on next.

How to enable 2FA on your Slack Account

To keep your Slack Account save and secured from unauthorized access you can enable 2FA authentication also know as (Two Factor Authentication).

If you are a member of multiple Slack “team” e.g ( and that means you will be setting up 2FA separately for each account  you use. And you can support 2FA on Slack through text message and authenticator.

Note: Slack does not demand for backup method or phone (i.e you can keep your number away for Slack)

====> Click on “Profile and Account” in the top left corner under your username in the pop up click on ” Account Setting”

====> Expand the section on 2FA (Two Factor authentication)

====> Click setup 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

====> You can be ask to enter your password before making any security changes just to be assured that the account belong to you.

====> Then choose if you are receiving your verification code through text message or authentication app, then choose your choice and follow the instruction.

====> If you choose and authentication app, follow the instruction and download an authenticator app, if you do not have any on our device, scan the QR code, enter your verification code, click on verify code and activate.

====> If you are choosing text message, then enter your phone number to receive your code, enter the code immediately and click verify code and enable.

====> You will be required to sign in again and input your 2FA code.

====> Make sure you get backup code, you either print them or copy them on a safer place.

How to disable 2FA on a Slack

====> In the top left side of your desktop click on your workspace name

====> Select setting and administration from the menu

====> Click on manage member

====> Click on the 3 dots icon to the member you wish to manage

====> Click on disable 2FA


As we have said earlier that Slack is an online platform that majorly based on messaging and is a good advice to have 2FA enable on one Account.

Covid’9 Alert:

====> Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub.

====> Maintain at least 1 meter distance between you and people coughing or sneezing.

====> Avoid touching your face.

====> Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.

====> Stay home if you feel unwell.

====> Refrain from smoking and other activities that weaken the lungs.

====> Practice physical distancing by avoiding unnecessary travel and staying away from large groups of people.

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