Complete Guides On How To Enable 2FA On Signal Account

2FA on Signal

Meaning of Signal:

Signal is a platform that  work with hiding of messaging services, to enable 2FA on Signal Account makes it more stronger and secured. Signal is developed by the Signal Technology Foundation, it is also use to send to one on one and also give a group message which can attached files, voice note, images and video. signal also can be use to make a group voice and video calls, likewise can it be use as a SMS (Short Message Service) app and it also support the enabling of 2FA for more security.

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How To Use Signal on Android

First thing to do before using or operating Signal on your Android is to have it downloaded on your device, go to Google play store on your device and search for “Signal” look for Signal private messenger and click on install.

====> After downloading, then followed by installation of the app, then tap to open for launching

====> After opening the Signal app on your device

====> Click on continue and agree to all necessary permission

====> It will take you to the next page, where you will enter your mobile phone number for your signal account

====> After that, click on next, then verification code will be sent to you.

====> You will be able to enter the six pin sent to you through SMS

====> After you might have finish verifying your number, then set your profile picture and input  your name

====> You will be taken to another page where you will be ask to create pin

====> When you are done creating and confirming your pin, then you are set to use the app.

How To send Message on Signal App

====> Tap on the Icon that look like a pen at the bottom right corner

====> Select a contact that uses signal or phone number of Signal users that you do not have on your contact list

====> Drop down menu will appears

====> Type your message

====> Tap the send button

====> Tap the plus icon (+) to choose from Gallery, gift files and other on the chat window

How To Inculcate Encrypted call on Signal Account

For you to know that your Signal users can accept your calls, there will be a small icon like a padlock next to the phone icon, choose the contact and then tap on the phone icon, then immediately the call is established and your call is encrypted.

How To Initiate and Encrypted Video Call on Signal Account

You can also make a video call as we explained above, make sure you allow signal to access your camera and microphone, then next thing is to tap the video camera icon, That is why it is good and advisable to enable 2FA on your Signal Account for better security.

How to start an Encrypted Group chat on signal Account

To start a group chat on Signal Account, go to the lower corner of the screen, tapping the compose icon, At the upper right corner of the screen, click on the 3dots and there will be drop down menu

====> Select new group

====> Name the group your are creating

====> Add the participant

====> After adding participant, at the upper left corner of the screen, tap on the check mark, it will initiate the group chat

How To Edit Group chat on Signal Account

====> Open the group chat by tapping the overflow icon in the group chat screen

====> In the upper right corner of the screen click on the 3 dots

====> Then select “Edit group”

====> You can also change the group name, Icon or add more participant

How to mute conversation on Signal Account

At times some conversation might be distractive, and you may not want to leave the group but you can mute the notification so that you won’t see the notification every time message entered and this can be done in the group chat.

====> Open the group chat screen by tapping the 3 dots at the upper right corner of the screen

====> Select mute notification

====> This can be done to an individual conversation as well.

How to Verify your contact on Signal Account

Verifying is the method  that is put in place when you are one on one to the person you are talking with

====> Open the conversation Icon

====> From the screen, tap the 3 dots at upper – right corner of the screen and select conversation settings

====> After tapping the conversation settings

====> Tap view safety number

Note: Every of your Signal contact will have their unique code

====> Go back to your device and tap on on your QR code and you will use your camera to scan the QR code that displayed on your contact’s screen

====> Put your camera to the QR code.

====> After your scanning was successful, there will be a displayed check make in green color, it means that you have verified your contact successfully

====> If the check mark is Red X, then it means something went wrong, so you will need to re-scan

Advantages of using Signal Account

====> Signal encryption is very awesome

====> You can share all kinds of files and audio visual content through Signal in a very secured way.

====> Signal organize conversation in a nice way

====> Signal also support voice and video calls

Disadvantages of Using Signal Account

====> Notification comes up frequently more than one time which can be annoying at times.

How to enable 2FA on Signal Account

2FA (Two factor Authentication) is an extra and optional way of securing one’s online platform to avoid the entry of any third party without the permission of the account owner.

====> First thing to do is to go to your profile icon

====> At the top left corner, click on privacy

====> Scroll down and allow Registration lock,

Note that anytime you will re – install Signal, possibly you may be asked for the pin with your one time pin (OTP)

=====> If you do not have your pin some where else incase of any damage to your device, then you may be ask to create another pin

=====> Then, Signal will remind you to enter your pin again

How to Disable 2FA on Signal Account


As we have explain above that Signal is a very good online platform for conversation, and enabling 2FA on your Signal will help you to really enjoy using it.  I hope this write up is help.

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