Complete Guides On How To Enable 2FA On LogMeIn Account

2FA on LogMeIn

What is LogMeIn

This is a software service provider and cloud based remote, management of IT and engaging customer, and to enable 2FA on LogMeIn makes it suitable for operations which will disallow any third party in to your account

How to create LogMeIn Account

First thing to do is to have the LogMeIn app on your mobile phone and there after you follow the below steps

====> Go to

====> Enter your valid email address for notifications

====> Confirm your email address

====> Enter a strong password that can not be suggested by third party

====> Select your Country

====> Choose who you are supporting

====> Then click on continue

====> Click on complete registration, and you will be transferred to next page

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second page dropdown menu

====> Enter your first name

====> Last name

====> Organization

====> Country

====> State

====> Phone number

====> Type the kind of problem you are facing

====> Accept their terms and conditions

====> Then click on complete registration

After finishing with your registration then you will need to activate your account through mail sent to your email provided while you are making your registration. Then go to the email and activate your account by copying the link sent to you and will paste it in your browser address bar. Remember to enable 2FA on LogMeIn Account.

Advantages of LogMeIn

====> The biggest advantages of LogMeIn was that their team work together as one

====> They also support mobile

====> The have quick connection

====> It is very easy and simple to setup

====> Error free when the client is installing the app because it works every single time.

Disadvantages of LogMeIn

LogMeIn also have it own disadvantages; few are listed below

====> It is expensive at times

====> The chatting can be difficult because dialogue box provided is very small

====> unattended access service might fail and not start at times

How to Enable 2FA on LogMeIn Account

Firstly we will talk about 2FA (Two factor Authentication), this a special and also and optional way of securing out online account which does not support any entry into ones account without the permission of the account owner, and it is better than just ordinary password.

Follow the steps below to know how you can enable 2FA on your account

Firstly, you will need to setup your method of receiving or generating your OTP (one time pin) either by SMS or Authenticator app (in which Lass pass Authenticator is mandated)

Secondly, choose either SMS or email as a backup method

====> Log in to your account on through your LogMeIn ID (email address and password)

====> Click settings and navigate to Account setting at the top of the home page

====> Under security, check for 2FA (two step verification and tap on get started)

====> In the dropdown menu, option of protect your menu will be displayed, then click on the setup mobile app

====> If you have Lass-pass  Authenticator app on your your device, just click on next but if you did not, try as much as possible to download the app.

====> Then scan the QR code by tapping the plus sign (+ )

====> Hold your device in front of the LogMeIn website to scan the code physically

Note: there will be displayed confirming message to shows that you have paired your device to your LogMeIn account.

====> Tap to dismiss this message

====> Go back to the LogMeIn website to choose your backup method to use when your primary method is lost or not functioning

To get 2FA code through SMS (Short Message Services)

====> Click setup text message

====> Enter our phone number to receive the code

====> Click next and the code will be sent to you immediately

====> Go to your inbox and open the message from LogMeIn

====> Input the code received

====> Click on finish text setup

To receive 2FA On LogMeIn Account Code Via Email

====> Click setup Email

====> Input your email address to get codes

====> Go to your email and open the message sent to you

====> Enter the code on the setup email page in your browser

====> Then click finish email setup

Notice this: 

====> After setting up, then tap on the notification of lass pass Authenticator to confirm your identity

====> Another authenticator app apart from last pass. You will need to enter your OTP that you got from the paired authenticator

====> If SMS, enter the One Time Pin(OTP) sent to your phone number

====> Make sure you have your backup codes

How to Disable 2FA on LogMeIn Account

====> Log in to your Account

====> Click on the settings

====> Go to Account settings

====> under security, click on switch off

====> Confirm your identity and receive your settings before you switch off

====> Clear all settings when switching off to remove all pairing devices

====> Click on the switch off button

====> And you are done removing 2FA on your Account


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