Complete Guides On How To enable 2FA On cPanel

2FA on cPanel

What is cPanel.

To enable 2FA on your cPanel Account makes it so much comfortable for to use without think of encounter any kinds of hacking, because it is one of the famous Linux – based control panel for Web hosting account. it help you to manage all service in a single place with ease.

cPanel strengthen you to manage a Web hosting account with maximum efficiency maybe it is creating new FTP users and email addresses or monitoring resources, creating subdomains and installing software.

What is cPanel Hosting?

It is an essential Linux web hosting that includes the cPanel installation, cPanel works, greatly in many cases and make for sensible choice when looking for control panel solution.

Advantages of cPanel

====> It is easy to learn

====> It isĀ  also easy to use

====> It saves time and fund

====> It support software auto installer

====> It support a lot of online tutorials

====> It makes website upgrading so easy

====> It update

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Disadvantages of cPanel

====> The cost can be too expensive and serve as a problem for small business

====_> There may be different layout for WHM (Web Hosting Manager) and cPanel

Differences between cPanel and WHM ( Web Hosting Manager)

====> cPanel is only designed to manage a separate hosting account on the server WHILE WHM (Web Hosting Manager) create custom hosting package

====> WHM (Web Hosting Manager) add domains to the server WHILE cPanel add or remove addon domains and subdomains.

====> cPanel edit DNS record for their domains WHILE WHM modify DNS zone record for domains and subdomains.

How to create cPanel Account

====> Firstly, you will need to login into WHM (Web Hosting Manager)

====> choose Account function

====> Click on create a new account

====> Fill the domain information

====> Choose your package

====> Choose your default there and locale

====> Set your DNS settings

====> Set the mail Routing

====> Then click on the create

How to enable 2FA on cPanel Account

2FA is the short form of writing Two – factor Authentication and is a very simple way to add more security to all your online account. Thou it is optional but is the better than the best. Follow the below step to learn how to enable 2FA on cPanel Account.

====> Login to your Account

====> Locate security option on the home page

====> Choose set up two factor Authentication (2FA)

====> There will be dropdown menu, then choose a way to generate your code either by SMS or using Authentication App

====> Then you enter the security code generated from your message box or the authentication app

====> Then click configure 2FA which means you have already enabled it.

How to Disable 2FA on your cpanel Account.

Just the process we used when enabling

====> Login to your Account

====> Go to security on the home page
====> Then disable or remove.

How to Re-configure 2FA on your cPanel Account

To re-configure 2FA, you will just click on re – configure 2FA and follow the steps after to configure 2FA.

Note: Put this at the back of your mind that if you re – configure 2FA for your account, all your default configuration will never give a valid security codes.


As we have discussed earlier that cPanel is an online platform that helps in managing one’s account with the help of WHM (Web Hosting Manager.), that is the more reason why it is advisable to give a strong security to your account to decline all those account hijackers.

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