Complete Guide To How To Enable 2FA on Pinterest Account

2FA on Pinterest


Pinterest is an American social medial platform, to enable 2FA on your Pinterest account make it more secured from the hand of hijackers.  It is designated or saving and finding out of information on www (world wide web) using images, small scales animated GIFs and videos. There are over 400 million active users every month as at August 2020. Pinterest site was created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Scaiarra and Evan Shago.

Advantages of Pinterest

====> It is also used in sharing photos

====> Over 150 million users on Pinterest monthly, this shows it is a great platform

====> Pinterest keep everything well organized and help to share things you love in one place through creation of your own board you can also add pin to it.

====> You can go back and view your profile at any time you want

====> It teaches what you want to learn with mere looking at the pictures or video, Example with girls that want to learn how to tie gele

====> Pinterest application information share items. Pin items and even creating board

====>You are free to attached or linked your other social media account e.g. Facebook and Twitter because is one of the leading social media where you can get a large range of target audience

====> The biggest advantages of Pinterest is that it beneficial for blogs and website

====> You will get result after searching on what you are interested in

====> Pinterest is a good place for promoting your articles if you are a blogger.

Disadvantages of Pinterest

====> The percentage of female users of Pinterest are more than the percentage of male users which means that business designed for male may not come out successfully.

====> Pinterest can allow to steal other people’s work
====> You must be careful with pictures you show on you profile because if the pictures are poor and not attracted to your followers they will skip it and not read the messages in your description

How to Create Pinterest Account

====> Go to

====> Choose sign up

====> You can sign up with an email address, password or signing up through your Facebook or Google account

====> Enter your email address

====> Create your password and continue

====> If you which to sign in with your Facebook account then select continue with Facebook and log in to your Facebook account

====> If you wish to sign in with Google account then click on sign in with Google account

====> You will receive a welcome to Pinterest message

====> Select Next

====> Then set up the dropdown question and click on done

====> Go to your email and check the message sent from Pinterest and confirm your email address

====> Then you are done setting your Pinterest account after confirming your email address

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How you can link your Business Account to Your Personal Account (Pinterest)

====> Log in to your personal Pinterest account

====> At the Top – right corner Click on the 3 dots

====> Choose add a free business profile

====> Then follow the instruction to create your business account

Note: If you wish to have your Business account separately, then create it separately

To create your Business Account separately then follow the below steps

====> First thing is you will log out of your personal account if you have logged in already

====> Go to Pinterest business account creation option

====> Fill in your email, password, business name, and choose business type

====> Choose create account

====> And follow the instructions that follows

How to enable 2FA on your Pinterest Account

2FA (Two factor authentication) is a better way of giving your social media platform account a stronger security to decline it from the hand of hackers

You can only have your 2FA on your Pinterest Account on your desktop

=====> From your desktop, log into Pinterest Account

=====> At the top right side, click the arrow over there and select settings

====> Click security at the left hand side

====> A box next to require code at login, Check the box

====> Then confirm your password and click next

====> Add your phone number and click next

====> Go check your message for the code sent

====> Type in the verification code and verify

Note: Make sure you keep your code save for future purpose

How to Disable 2FA on Pinterest Account

====> Log in to your Pinterest

====> Click the arrow Icon at the right top hand side and select settings

====> Click security on the left – hand side of the screen

====>  Unlock the box close to require code at login

====> Confirm your password and click disable or turn off.


Pinterest is a wonderful platform that makes findings or research so easy for the researchers, to enable 2FA on your Pinterest account will make you to really enjoy be a user of Pinterest.

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