Complete Guide To Enable 2FA On Dashlane Account.

2FA on Dashlane

Dashlane is platform that is meant to manage password online with both a free trial and paid plan, It supports Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. To enable 2FA on your Dashlane account gives it additional security features.

Advantages of Dashlane

====> Dashlane give a suggestion on creating complex password

====> It shows your data on your account of the same password

====> Dashlane have mobile app to make it easy for users without computer or laptop

====> If you stored your password Dashlane will signs you into your account automatically

====> You can only need to remember one password (The master password to Dashlane)

====> Dashlane store hint information (Password)

====> Two users of Dashlane can share passwords

Disadvantages of Dashlane

====> Dashlane account are attached to one email address

====> Dashlane is more expensive

====> At times the sharing function is not done by oneself as it should be.

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How to Create Dashlane Account

To have Dashlane account, you can create your account on Android app or you log in to your existing Dashlane account. If you are doubting your device is compatible with Dashlane just go check minimum requirement page.

Now follow the steps to create your account.

====> Downloading Dashlane app

====> Tap on Get started at the bottom of the first page screen

====> Enter the email address that you want to use as your Dashlane ID. This address is meant to log into your Dashlane account on all your device an recieve confirmation from Dashlane

====> Then you will create your master password, that you will use to login to your account, you can also change your master password later.

====> Re-enter your password to unlock with Biometric feature

Note; Put this at the back of your mind that if you forget your master password it can not be recovery automatically because Dashlane does not store your password on their server except you formerly enable the master password reset with biometric feature.

====> You will be asked to import your password from Google Chrome if you have any

====> Now to get started they will ask if you want to connect to Dashlane on your computer to use this tool on another device, if you selected connected to your computer then you will be asked to login to that device and follow the link on the screen, once it is done you will be asked to save your first password, you can ignore or skip it if you don’t want to connect.

How to Enable 2FA on Dashlane Account

To make your Dashlane more secured and save from the hand of the hackers you must try as much as possible to enable 2FA on your account because it is an additional way of securing your account

Now follow the steps below

====> Open your app

====> Go to Tool > preference on Windows or you choose Dashlane > preference on Mac Os

====> Go to security

====> Click on the 2FA (Two factor Authentication) under this option you will click on the lock icon at the bottom of the window to unlock the settings

====> You will be askedĀ  to enter your master password

====> click on switch to enable 2FA

====> There are two different security level there, then choose one

(i) Only when I add a new device to my account

(ii) Each time I log into Dashlane

How to use 2FA on Authenticator app

====> Open the app on your Android or mobile

====> Click on the menu icon at the top right corner

====> Click set up account

====> If it is your first time of using the app choose begin setup at the bottom to add a new entry

====> Click on scan a Barcode with camera on your mobile phone

====> Flash the barcode displayed by Dashlane with your mobile camera

====> Dashlane will give you two different backup solution in case your mobile phone got spoilt

====> Choose a back up phone number to receive a code whenever you want to disable your 2FA

====> Make sure you save your generated codes for future purpose and your 2FA is set successfully

How to sign in to your Dashlane Account after you enable 2FA

On Window or Mac OSX

====> To log into Dashlane open it first and enter your email address

====> Enter your master password and click log in

====> Finallym enter 6 – digit security code generated by your 2FA app

====> Click on login again

On iOS

====> Open Dashlane and enter your Dashlane email address

====> Then enter your master password

====> Click login

====> Switch from Dashlane to your 2FA app by pressing the iPhone main button twice

====> Tap once on the 6 digit code in your 2FA app to copy the code

====> Go back Dashlane and paste the code generated and tap log in

On Android

====> Open Dashlane app

====> Enter your Dashlane email address

====> Enter your master password

====> Click on login

====> Go from Dashlane to your 2FA app to get your 6 digit code

====> Copy the code by tapping on it

====> Then go back to your Dashlane and paste the code

====> Click on Log in

How to Disable 2FA on Dashlane

====> Open Dashlane app

====> Go to security in prefrence

====> Click on 2FA (Two factor Authentication)

====> Click on the lock icon at the bottom left corner to unlock the settings

====> Click on disable 2FA

====> Confirm that you only want to make use of your Dashlane ID and master password to open your account

====> Enter the code displayed in your 2FA app

====> Click on next

====> Then you are done disabling 2FA on your Dashlane Account.

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