Complete Guide To Activate and Deactivate 2FA On Etsy Account.

2FA on Etsy


What is Etsy: This is an American internet business that is based on handmade, to activate 2FA on your account makes it more secured from hackers. Etsy  supply crafts and vintages items.  This items have many categories, which include Jewel, bags, art and also craft supplies an tools, vintage items must be at least 20 years old.

Advantages of Etsy

====> There are many traffic set for your Etsy store: To build up your traffic that Etsy provide a day can makes your many years when you started your own website.

====> It is very simple to get started: It does not take more than 15-20 minutes to get your Etsy store up and running it with products for sale, you can concentrate on making things to sell and then listing them in your store instead of worrying about the font you want to use or the credit card processor

====> Resources are available for you on Internet: There are lot of Etsy seller that gain tens of thousands of dollars in revenue monthly, so you can make use of their experience shared online to build up your very own product.

====> There is a collaborative community: Etsy seller give out their tips and experience without any fund so that everyone can benefit and find a way to success, you can make money doing something you really love. you can mentor and be mentored.

Disadvantages of Etsy

====> The online market are unable to hold with handcrafted and vintage goods, Etsy give a room for a mass producers including the “Mom and Pop” craft shops and individual seller.

====> There will always be copy wright: This is very bad to the extent that the copy wright will duplicate images and products listing to wipe away some business away from you.

====> Limited product opportunity

====> Etsy is in charge of your store: Etsy can shut down any store any time they want because they have the final say over what happens to the shops and not the seller. Activate 2FA on your Etsy account to have the best security ever.

How to Create Etsy Account

To create Etsy Account is very simply and easy and it is free of charge without any fund requested. To get started follow the bellow steps

====> Down Etsy app

====> Review their terms of use and privacy policy

====> Click register at the bottom of the app when you scroll down besides you don’t have account and just click on register here

====> Fill out the form in the drop down menu

====> Go to your email and click to confirm

====> If there is no confirmation email, check to see if it does not ended up in your spam or junk mail folder. If you are using Gmail, check your social and promotion tabs

====> Add registration to your email contacts and try sending the confirmation again and resend your confirmation email

====> Sign in to Etsy through at the top of the site.

====> Go to your public profile page to add your profile pictures and fill your bio by clicking on or you  go to human feature at the bottom of the app and click on it.

====> Tap on settings

====> At the drop down menu

====> Click on privacy

====> The last statement to access additional privacy option

====> Click on setting here

====> At the left corner click on public profile

====> Then fill up the form brought out from the option

====> Then click on save changes to save your work

====> Your are now free to use your account

How to Activate 2FA on Your Etsy Account

2FA is an optional security steps to make your online account more secured from the third parties

====> Sign in to your Account through

====> Click on your Account on Account settings

====> Then click on security at the top in-between privacy and security

====> At the second tab you will see two factor Authentication

====> If you are generating your code through SMS then click on it

====> Drop down menu will appear then type your phone number and click next

====> If your number is invalid, you won’t be able to generate code

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Advantages of using 2FA on your Account

====> It gives a stronger security

====> It decline the entry of third parties

Using Authenticator app for 2FA on your Account

====> Click on Authenticator app if you wish to and put in the code generated and click on next

====> Make sure you have downloaded the authenticator app on your mobile, specifically you can go for Google Authenticator

====> Go to your web browser for

====> Click on your Account

====> Click on security

====> Click on Authenticator app

====> Click on next after generating your code

====> open your Authenticator app and follow the guidelines to add new account

====> Scan the QR code using your authenticator app

====> Enter the code generated from the app into the text box below the QR code

====> Click next

====> Save the backup code for references

====> Click on save

Using 2FA through SMS on your Account

====> First thing to do is to sign in to Account

====> Navigate to account settings

====> Then go to security

====> Then click on the enable text (SMS) Icon to sign in notification

Sign in 2FA notification

This is a sign that Etsy will tell you when you use another device to log in to account or a third party and you will receive an email notification.

How to Disable 2FA on Etsy Account

====> Go to your Account

====> Click on security

====> Then scroll down and click on deactivate or turn off.


Etsy is a good internet platform that is good for selling product like vintage items bags and jewelries and activating 2FA on your Etsy account saves it from the hand of the hijackers.

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