Complete Guide on How to Enable and Disable 2FA On YouTube Channel

What Is YouTube: This is an online video sharing platform, for you to really enjoying using your YouTube channel you must set up 2FA on it to make the security more stronger.

2FA On YouTube Channel

It gives a room for uploading, downloading, sharing, viewing, rating report adding to playlist and commenting on videos content available on YouTube includes video clips, Tv show clips, music video, short and documentary films, audio recording movie trailers, video blogging and even educational videos.

Most of the content on YouTube is uploaded by individuals, while media corporation CBS, BBC, Vevo, and Hulu offer some of their material through YouTube as part of the YouTube partnership.

Unregistered users of YouTube cannot upload but they can watch video on the site, while registered users of YouTube are free to upload as mush as possible numbers of video and add comment to videos.

If you are a small business entrepreneurship, you must think about to get your product and service in front of many people without going into stealing or any fraud.

Great Benefits of Using YouTube for Business growth

====>Tap into the Horde of YouTube’s Traffic: Online video grow rapidly with over for billion videos viewed daily if YouTube is used for your business, you can easily reach to your audience even with creating video and advertising on other people’s videos.

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website globally after Google and Facebook, over millions of people visit YouTube each month worldwide, 100 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds to YouTube.

As long as you educate entertain and find solution to peoples problems, you are guaranteed to find a group of people who will become your fans and customers. That is why you need to use 2FA on your account to make it more secured.

====> Marketing on YouTube Help to get found on Google: Since we all known that google is a world wide search, images, video, news book and local searches are matched together in Googles search result, in order to provide reasonable information for researchers.

Maybe you take note that videos appears more often in Google’s search result, it indicate that Google consider video to be as important as text- only pages.

You can take this advantage to write high standard articles on your site and create complementary videos on YouTube by so doing, it will build backlink to your site which means you get found on Google more times by those researchers.

Using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy for your business at the same time your are doubling the authority of your website is in Google’s eye, the higher all your pages will rank in the search result and to save all your video you must try as much as possible to enable 2FA on you YouTube channel.

Your Content Never go Down: Re-purposing already created content is an effect form of content marketing, that help to reach an audience that will love that particular type of content.

Grow your Audience Globally: The largest benefit of using YouTube for business is to grow your audience worldwide creating video content always give a room for new visitor who would never come across your business any other way.

====> Building up your Email list in YouTube is the approach that makes it easier while providing video

====> Making money with Adscense for video creating video give you the opportunity to earn money directly from your videos via Google’s Adscense for video program.

===> It is a big digital library that has both image and sound

====> Some videos on YouTube give to the hopeless researchers. YouTube can play back all video that help people not to miss the interesting part.

====> It is a source of study which is easy to understand by the video on how to make up, video on how to make hair, video on tailoring.

====> It is a wide classroom for teaching and learning which saves time and budget.

Disadvantages of YouTube

====> It is a free site which at times make the young generation get the bad influence from the video

====> There are many pirated movies and songs spread in YouTube which can affect the copy right owner.

====> There are videos that were uploaded by another people and after the whole life of the owner just because of the free uploading of videos.

How To Establish Your YouTube Channel Successfully

If you wondering or thinking of how to make or establish your YouTube channel without any stress, then you are in a rightful post to learn how to do that so that your channel will stand out and have a plenty subscribers, to make your created YouTube channel more secured from those hijackers you must try to give a strong security by setting up 2FA on the channel.

To get started you will need to sign in through a Google account

====> Go to Google Account and click on the sign in option on the top right hand side

====> Create a new google account or you use your Google account information or log in

====> After you might have signed in, you can upload a video, comment on other video, and personalize or customize your channel

====> Make sure you check that the image on your google account is the one you will be using for your channel too.

====> After creating your YouTube account and you feel like creating for your business  as well, then follow this steps.

====> Sign into your YouTube account using your Google login information.

====> Go to your channel list and click on create a new channel

====> Type in your brand’s name and click on create

====>Then you are free to customize your channel with brand’s information and asset.

How to Enable 2FA on your YouTube Channel

====> Log in to Google

====> At the right hand side, click on profile icon and click on Account

====> Scroll down and click on 2-step authentication

====> It will take you back to the profile page, then choose set up

====> You will be ask to provide phone number you want to use to receive your code

====> You will either click on text message (SMS) or voice call, but it is advisable to choose text message

====> Send back the code that was sent to you

====> Then click on verify

How to Disable 2FA on Your YouTube Channel

====> Open your  Google Account

====> In the security option or section, click on 2-step verification, you might need to sign in

====> Pop- up window will show up to confirm that you want to turn off  2-step verification

====> Then select turn off.

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YouTube is the most popular online video sharing platform when you have an account on it, in order for your account to be secured you should try to enable 2FA on it.


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