Complete Guide On How to Enable 2FA On Telegram

2FA on Telegram

Telegram is an online platform that is based mostly in Dubai, and to enable 2FA on your account will make it more secured for to operate without any stress, It require instant messaging, video calling and the users can send message and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any kind that is up to 2GB each. Telegram was firstly launched for iOS on 14 August 2013.

How to create Telegram Account

====> Download the app

====> Open  the Telegram app

====> sign up tap on start messaging button

====> Choose your country

====> Enter your phone number for registering your Telegram account.

====> There is one bold icon on the right top corner of the app, then tap it after entering your phone number

====> You will receive SMS verification code from the Telegram through your phone number

===> Enter the code in the space of the screen

====> After  your number have been verified you will now set up your Telegram account.

====> Enter your first and last name, then you can start chatting. To enjoy your Telegram account just tap on the pencil icon given at the button.

Advantages of Using Telegram

====> It help to share as many as possible files like photos, video that is up to 2GB

====> It is messaging app that can form group chats going to 5000 members

====> It have high security

====> It is very fast and recipient receive the information quickly

====> Users can send pictures, audio, and video as a message

====> Telegram is very reliable to the extent that it does not consume much data unless you download bigger files

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Disadvantages of Using Telegram

====> Telegram does not allow multiple selection when you are sending more than one files

====> If you want to change your profile picture, you need to delete the previous one before uploading new one or else it won’t change it.

How to Enable 2FA on Telegram

====> Open Telegram app

====> Go to settings

====> Click on privacy and setting, there is drop down menu under the security tab in that privacy and security section, tap on two step verification

====> Then tap on set Additional password

====> After entering your password, tap on the bold mark icon designated at the top right corner of the screen.

====>Then re-enter your password

====> After confirming your password, your need to create hint for you to know your password when it seems you want to forget

====> Then tap the bold mark icon located at the right corner at the screen

====> Add a recovery email so that you won’t be locked out of your Telegram account and if you don’t need it just clock on skip

====> Open your recovery email sent to you by Telegram and click on link to enable 2 step verification

====> After doing these you will see an option to change password, turn it of or you change your email address

====> Anytime you want to log in to your Telegram account it is compulsory for you to provide this your 2FA password to give you easy login

How to Disable 2FA on Telegram

Just follow these steps to disable 2FA on your Telegram account

====> Open Telegram

====> Go to navigation and open setting

====> Click on privacy and security

====> Then disable or turn off 2FA {two step verification}


As Telegram is a great online platform that gives a room for video chatting, audio, photo sharing and sending a bigger files, then it reliable to enable 2FA on your Telegram account.


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