Complete Guide On How To Enable 2FA On Square Point Of Sale

2FA on Square of Point of Sale

What is Square Point of Sale

A Square Point Of Sale (POS) is a system that is available on iOS and Android devices, and it is advisable and reliable to enable 2FA (Two factor Authentication) on your Account when you have one. There are many capabilities that can be operated on Square Point of Sale (POS) system which involve

====> Inventory Tracking

====> Digital receipts,

====> Square marketing Campaigns

====> e-Commerce

====> Insight / Analytic and many more.

Square Point of Sale (POS) give a room for printing out receipts for their customers for the prove of their payment. It also support the acceptance of cash, checks, and credit card

How To Sign Up For Square Point of Sale

You can sign up for Square Point of Sale Account through two processes

(i) Sign up through Online

(ii) Sign up through app

Signing up through Online

====> First thing to do is to go to

====> Click on get started

====> Enter your email address

====> Then confirm your email address

====> Create a strong password you can quickly remember

====> Then create you account

====> In the dropdown menu choose your business type and put in your personal and business information

====> Click on continue

====> Give answer to questions to verify your identity and click on continue

====> Enter your phone number or email address to receive a link to download the Square Point of Sale app on your device.

====> Then tap on the email or text message to download the app

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Signing up through App

====> Firstly have the app downloaded on your mobile phone

====> Tap create Account to start the process

====> Put in your personal and business information and  verify your identity

Note: Make sure your device support using Square Point of Sale so you won’t have any issues in downloading the app

Little Information needed

====> Full legal name: using illegal name is not allowed

====> Social security number (SSN)

====> US based bank account

====> Your date of birth

====> US home mailing address

Advantages of Square Point of Sale

====> It is simple to setup and manage

====> It can check payment online every time

====> It track payment very well

====> It keeps data well organized

====> It also give report when we need it

====> It is very easy to use for the customers

====> It also help to send receipt or print out to the customer immediately their service is been rendered

====> The customer charges is affordable

Disadvantages of Square of Point of Sale

====> It can be difficult if you forget to include customer infomation

====> To get the app connected to iPad is also difficult

How To Enable 2FA On Square Point of Sale Account

As we have been discussing 2FA (Two factor Authentication) in all our articles which means a special and secured way you can give a better security to your all online account that chase away all those bad guys going around to hack or hijack people’s account. Now to enable 2FA on your Square Point of Sale (POS) is very simple if you follow the steps below.

====> Sign in to your Square dashboard

====> Go to Account and settings

====> Select personal information

====> Tap on Activate 2 – step verification (2FA)

====> Then choose your Authentication method either by SMS  or Goggle Authentication app)

Note: If you are choosing (SMS) to get your codes then make sure your add your phone number

====> Click next and the code will be sent to your number

====> Enter the code in the field of your dashboard

====> Click verify

If your are choosing Goggle Authentication app

====> Download the Goggle Authentication app

====> Then scan the barcode into the authentication app

====> Input the 2FA Verification code generated

====> Click verify

====> Then your 2FA is enabled and active

Note: Be sure that your save your 2FA code in a secured place incase your device got spoilt or your change it and don’t forget to add a number or email for your codes backup.

How To Disable 2FA on your Square Point of Sale

===> Firstly login to your account of you have already logged out

====> Navigate to Account and settings

====> Navigate to Security on your Square dashboard

====> Then tap on 2FA  (Two factor Authentication)

====> Then click on Disable 2FA

=====> And your are successful in disabling 2FA on your Square Point of Sale


Like we have discussed earlier that Square Point of Sale is a system available on iOS and Android, which can be use for small business that gives a room for issuing receipts for customers after rendering their services to prove the customer’s payments.

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