Complete Guide On How To Enable 2FA On Skype Account

2FA on Skype


What is Skype: This is an internet communication application that focused on video chatting and voice calls,  to enable 2FA on your account will make you feel so comfortable without any worries about the hackers using computer tablets Android devices.  Skype is also used on Xbox one console, and smart watches over the internet.

Skype provides instant messaging services and users can make transmission of text, video, audio and images, Skype also give a room for video conference calls among more users.

Skype is also meant for communication of business, family and friends without any fund (Free).

Advantages of Skype

====> It is used in business making

====> It does not exclude video calling that saves a lot of travel time and money

====> It gives a room for a companies, to have conference calling from different places.

====> It  also make it easier for the family and friend to reconnect

====> you can save a lot of money on calls

Disadvantages of Skype

====> Skype needs Wi – fi or 3G service to run fast

====> Making international calls on Skype requires fund

How do create my Skype Account

====> Firstly, you will need to download the app on your mobile phone

====> Then tap on sign in and click on create account

====> Enter your phone number and tap next

====> Enter your first and last name and tap on next

====> You will receive your OTP (one time password)

====> Enter the OTP to sign in and start enjoying your Skype Account.

How to find friends and family on skype

====> You first login to account you will be asked if you want to import your already had contacts which can be done immediately

====> At the top left corner inside the search box, you can type usual name, skype name or email address of anyone else you want to chat with

====> You can also use profile to find the person you are searching for  and anyone you talk t o will automatically join your contact list.

Text Chatting

If you are not the mood for voice call and you want to have a secret conversation when you are at work without the notice of your boss, then text chatting is very important and useful this days, that is also the reason behind Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp which makes them the most famous app Globally.

====> Firstly, you will select the person you want to talk to, it might be from your contact list at the top of the window or recent conversation on the left or the chat bubble, doing this will open a chat on the right side of the app

====> The is a conversation panel that indicate type a message. then click on it and type whatever you want to talk about and click on the send arrow

====> Then wait for your response and start chatting.

Voice Calls

You can possibly make a voice call via Skype to Skype

====> Firstly make sure you have your headphones, microphone, or speaker set up and plug them in be sure that Skype has picked up by clicking the three dot menu at the top window. Then Go to setting, if you like you can leave your headphone as the default device and you can specify selected input and output options with the drop down menus.

====> Then select the contact you want to talk to as you did in text chats.

====> Select the blue phone icon at the top right corner, if the person is online and Skype is open then make your call, if they accept the call that means your voice call will begin automatically.

====> If anyone calls you in the same manner just click on responding button to answer the call. Alternatively, and if you want to reject the call you just click on the red button to decline the call.

Video Calls or Chat

Video is also an awesome way to make a chat on Skype which allows you to see the face of the person you are chatting with.

====> Click on the three – dot menu icon and select settings just to be assured that your webcam is not faulted.

====> Click on default device under the video heading at the top of the page and choose your webcam from the drop down options.

====> When ready, then choose the contact you want to call and click the blue camera icon at the right corner and start your video call

====> If you wish to text chat during the call for any reason, then click on the chat button at the top right corner of the video call window

How to enable 2FA on Skype Account

====> Open your Microsoft Account page

====> Go to security at the top of the page

====> Click on 2FA (Two step verification) at the right corner of the security page

====> Scroll down until you find the two  – step verification and  click on turn on.

====> You will be asked if you are generating your code through SMS or through Authentication app,

====> Follow the instruction and add a new way to sign in or verify if you are using Authentication app

====> Choose use an app

====> On the security page view, click on set up identification app

====> Follow their guidelines to get the Microsoft authentication, If you are having one already just click on set up different authentication app

====> After you might have turned on and configured 2FA for your Microsoft Account you will get the security of 2FA for all Microsoft app and service automatically including Skype on new device and browsers.

How to Disable 2FA on your Skype Account.

====> Go to your Account

====> Then navigate to Security option

====> Choose 2FA (Two step verification)

====> Choose turn off

====> Then follow the instruction given below

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As we have discussed that Skype is an online platform that is major meant for video calls and chatting either between relatives or business partners, and that is the more reason why we should give our account a strong security by enabling 2FA on it to chase away all these bad guys and hackers.

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