Complete Guide On How To Enable 2FA on Reddit Account

2FA on Reddit

What is Reddit:

Reddit is a large group of an online platform of which users can discuss imaginable things, to enable 2FA on your Reddit account makes you feel at home when ever you are working on your account without the entrance of hackers from news, to POP culture, technology, comics, films, literature even to the weirdest things in the universe.


This refers to ‘Topic’ we have, over 138,000,000 active subreddit. some one can read and join them freely apart from private subreddit that requires an admission process, and if you like to see their popular post on your personalized Reddit front page, you will need to subscribe to subreddits.

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Advantages of Reddit

====> It encourage user submission: Reddit does not give a room to shout message but use it to interact with them.

====> Customer Service: There are some popular brand that will have customer who need help

====> Create a Network: Anybody is free to create a subreddit which is easily to build up a network

====> News and  Calendar: This is very simple and easy because followers will always want to know the latest news and upcoming events.

====> Perform interviews: This is very important in order to allow the community to have the opportunity to be heard and interact in a sensible way, which give those fans a strong memory.

Some Popular Subreddit

The top five most popular subreddit includes:

General r/announcements – are r/funning with 25.3million subscribers, r/AskReddit (23.5million), r/gaining (22.8million), r/pics (22.3 million) and r/science (21.8million)

How to find Subreddit:

To find subreddit is very simple, you will need to go to search field at the top of the home page and enter whatever the topic you wish to find. The only difficult part is you will need to be registered and activate your topic in your settings.

How you can submit to Reddit, Comment and Vote

Once you are a Reddit user, you can make a comments, submit and vote. The only thing you will do when you want to comment is to click on people’s submission to open the comment field under the submission and you can also reply by clicking reply.

Some Reddit Dialect

====> AMA – Ask me Anything

====> ELI5 – Explain like I’m 5 (years old)

====> TL; DR – Too long, Didn’t read

How to create Reddit Account:

To create Reddit Account is very simple and easy, just follow the steps below;

====>  Go to

====> Register and account by clicking register at the top right hand corner of the home page

====> Choose your username, password and email and click on create on account

====> Within some minute you are done with your Reddit account and you can go ahead abd enjoying it when you enable 2FA on your account.

How you can submit and Recommend Content

====> To start sharing, below the site’s search bar click on submit a new link

====> To submitting to Reddit is very easy and quick, paste a link in the URL field you want to share and you can also put in title or suggest by clicking on suggest tittle

====> And you are good to go.

How to Enable 2FA on Reddit Account

====> Log in to your Reddit Account

====> Click on preference on the top menu and click on password / email

====> Under 2FA (Two – factor Authentication) choose enable or turn on

====> Verify your email address

====> Enter your password

====> Then set up your authenticator app to get the code through.

====> Then save your backup code.

How to get backup codes for your 2FA

====> Log in to your Reddit account

====> Go to preference at the top menu and click on password / email

====> Below 2FA ( Two factor Authentication)  choose generate for backup codes

====> Follow the necessary steps

====> Enter your password

====> Access and put down your backup codes

How to Disable 2FA on Reddit Account

To disable our turn off 2FA (Two factor Authentication) is very easy as you enable it

====> Log in to your Reddit Account

====> Tap on preference in the top menu and click on password / email

====> Under 2FA, choose disable or turn off

====> Input your password and select disable 2FA (Two factor Authenticator)


When you enable 2FA on your Reddit Account it gives you peace of mind because there is not cause for alarm on the issue of hijacker or or hackers.

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