Complete Guide On How to Enable 2FA On Mailchimp Account.

2FA on Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a powerful online platform that is used for business marketing which help you to have a great relationship with your client and all interested parties and for your account to be available for you without any stress just enable 2FA on it.

2FA on Mailchimp

It also help you to talk to them and manage them as well, it is used in designing campaigns, having 2FA on your account makes you feel relaxed.

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If you want to sign up for Mailchimp, you must put all this at the back of your mind

====> Signing up Mailchimp account is a free, which means you do not need any credit card to sign up, there is only need for card information when you choose to upgrade to a paid plan

====> You must proved an email address to receive mail like P.O Box or office address.

====> You must have a special username that cannot be reused

====> Make sure the email you will provide must be associated with account in case of communication and you must have access to the email.

====> Your web browser must meet the requirement of Mailchimp before you can use and it does not require to install software.

How to create Mailchimp Account

====> Download the Mailchimp App on your phone through Google Play Store

====> Open up to Mailchimp’s sign up page

====> Click on sign up free

====> Type in your Email, Username, and password, then click on get stared

====> There will be a confirmation message, check your inbox to activate email so that you can complete your account setup.

How to Activate Your Mailchimp Account

After receiving the account activation email from Mailchimp client service, you can now complete your account set up and do not forget to active 2FA on it. Follow the below steps

====> Open the account email and click Activate Account

====> On the confirm Humanity screen, check I’m not a robot box, and click on confirm signup, this process request for your information to provide content that relate to you and your company needs, also make sure your account agreed with the terms of use, the information includes;

Name; The name associated with your account

Profile; The profile is special to you and you can have access to multiple Mailchimp account.

Email Address; This must be an email you have access to, so that you can be easily be contacted to,

====> Organization Question: This consist all details about you and your company, it helps to give a relevant content and guide.

====> Website URL: This is URL for your company or your own personal website.

====> Physical Address: This is your email address that you can receive mail through, it can also be P.O Box

Advantages of Mailchimps

====> You can import your own email pattern, There are effective number of template that are made available for the users in as much they have an account, you can import your own template too.

====> You can remove the Mailchimp Logo if you feel like you are not liking it, since there are limit contact that can include their Logos under campaign and subscription.

====> Accessibility to complete comparative metrics, It is  good idea to know how much more your email campaign are performing.

Disadvantages of Mailchimp

Mailchimp have the right to cancel your account or suspend it when you do not text every email before sending it out.

You must create your own template or pattern because Mailchimp provide very good basic but they are not so attractive from a reader stand point, which means you will need to spend time and money to import your own form.

How to Enable 2FA on Mailchimp

Enabling 2FA keep your account more secured and have gives a Mailchimp discount of 10% for 3months after setting up for  the acc0unt owner and all account admins. Before you start enabling 2FA on your account you must take note of the following instruction.

====> Download two factor authentication app on your Android, [example Google Authenticator, Authenticator plus].

====> Mobile phone to generate code

====> You must save your Mailchimp backup code offline in oreder to login with whenever you want to restore your damaged device.

====> Your mobile device time must be set automatically

Now to set up 2FA on your Mailchimp account you must also have authenticator app on your mobile phone which means you will connect your Mailchimp account to it after downloading authenticator app, and we have two ways of setting up 2FA on Mailchimp account

1: Set up for Owner, Admin and Manager user types, the set up of 2FA will be from the security page in their account and

2: The Author with the viewers should start from the profile page.

For Owner, Admins, and Managers

====> Open the app

====> Click on your profile Icon and tap account,

====>Inside the drop down menu, choose setting and click on choose.

====> In the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) section tap on enable below it using authenticator app for 2FA

====> Review the steps inside the configure Authenticator app to add your Mailchimp account to your authentication app

====> Save your Mailchimp code offline or you save it on another device, do not forget that the backup code in step 3 of the configure Authenticator app is different from the one you used in step 2, you must save the correct code because you will recover it when your device is damaged.

====> Then click Submit, At the bottom of enable {Two factor authentication} 2FA on login, then click on save.

====> Choose the users types you want and click on save if you are owner or Admin when the option to requires 2FA for particular types.

From now on, when you want to log in to Mailchimp, you must provide the 2FA pin code before you can have access to Mailchimp.

To Set up 2FA for Authors and Viewers

====> Click on your profile Icon and choose profile

====> Click enable in the 2FA authentication section below, use an authenticator app for 2FA.

====> Review the steps in the configure authenticator app pop – up and link your Mailchimp account to your app.

====> Save your Mailchimp code offline for you to reuse when your device got damaged

====> Click submit.

====> Under enable 2FA, look for the box for the account(s) that requires 2FA on login, then click on save.

Login on to your Mailchimp from now will request for your codes (Authenticator app) before you can access Mailchimp.

How do you Login with an Authenticator app

After you might have set up your authenticator app and you have connected it to Mailchimp, you will generate passcode every single time you login. Follow this steps to use 2FA app to login to your account.

====> Enter your Mailchimp username and password on the Mailchimp login screen and click on Login.

====> Move your 2FA app on your connected mobile device to generate your temporary passcode randomly.

====> Put in the six digit passcode into the passcode box in Mailchimp, click on login.

How to Disable 2FA on Mailchimp Account

If you are wiling to remove 2FA on your Mailchimp account, then follow this steps

====> Click your profile Icon and choose Account

====> Click the setting drop dwon menu and choose setting.

====> No need of checking any boxe in the enable 2FA for the account and make two factor authentication required for the following user type section and click save.


Mailchimp is an online platform that is very good for business marketing, setting up 2FA on your account makes it more secured and saved from the hackers

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