Complete Guide on How To Activate 2FA on Fastly Account

2FA on Fastly

How to enable 2FA on your Fastly Account is what you can do so fast and easy, but before doing that you will need to sign up for your own personal Fastly account and create your first service. If you do not set the CNAME DNS record for your domain, Fastly won’t start serving your traffic. Now follow the steps below to create your Fastly Account.

What is Fastly Account

Firstly, let us explain what Fastly is all about,  Fastly is an American organization which supply computer services like digital publishing, online education, streaming media, travel and hospitality

How to Open Fastly Account

====> Go to website and tap on sign up button

====> Then scroll down where you will see ready to get started

====> Then click on try Fastly free

====> You will fill in your profile, your password must be strong and contain keyboard character e.g @,& and many more.

====> After filling in the field scroll down to the page and click on create my Account.

====> Go back to your email to verify the mail sent to you from Fastly.

====> Click on sign up for Fastly button in which the confirmation screen will appear on what to do and verification link

====> Check your inbox and find the confirmation email sent to you.

====> Then click on the verification link to be sure that you are not a spam or robot and verify your email; then you will be taken to your empty home page.

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How to Enable 2FA on Fastly Account

To enable 2FA on Fastly Account is the proper and secured way to give a strongest password to your profile to safeguard all your document from be hacked or hijacked by internet theft. To carry out this steps and process is very simple when you have already signed in to your Fastly Account.

====> First step to take is to log in to your Fastly Account and click Account menu (Where your account information pop out)

====> Then follow by choosing 2FA (Two factor authentication) and click on it

====> After clicking on it, you will be require to verify your password and click on continue. Then your Authentication QR code will pop out.

Note: Before you can carry out this process you will need to install authenticator apps on your mobile  and the recommended ones are;

Google Authenticator

Duo Mobile


====> The next step is to open the authenticator app installed on your mobile and scan the QR code, The will be a displayed key in the set up window, then enter the key. Meanwhile a browser link might appears, then click on the link to save, you will a word secret saved appeared shortly.

====> You will now need to go your Fastly authentication code field to enter the code displayed on your mobile.

Then your 2FA is successfully setup.

How to disable 2FA on Fastly Account

====> To disable 2FA on your Fastly account is easy, firstly login to your account

====> Click on my menu and search for Account settings and choose it

====> Then Click on disable 2FA when you found it.

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