Convert image to PNG format

How to Convert Image to PNG format

PNG is the short form of “Portable Network Graphic”, and it is a famous image format in the internet graphics for the back of the clarity in browsers. To convert…

Fix Samsung TV Remote

How to Fix Samsung TV Remote that is not Working

The very first thing to know before you plan of fixing a Samsung TV Remote that is not working is to get the real source of the primary cause of…

How to Download video on Netflix

How To Download Video On Netflix

¬†subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device. You can also download TV shows and movies to your iOS,…

Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

How To Connect Alexa to LG Smart TV

Loosing your LG Smart TV remote shouldn’t give you any headache or stress, because you can still connect Alexa to your LG Smart TV and operate your TV using Alexa….

how to use twitter via VPN

How To Use Twitter in Nigeria Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

As we all know that Twitter has a very long way of existence in Nigeria and it’s has stood out of other social media platform as a voice of the…

2FA on VPN

How to Enable 2FA on VPN (Virtual Private Network) Account

Meaning of VPN Virtual Private Network is the full meaning of VPN, and to enable 2FA on your VPN account is very much advisable, and is a private Network that…

How to create WhatsApp link

How to create WhatsApp Group Invitation Link

WhatsApp group Invitation link is very simple and easy to do, you can create it and invite as many as possible members without any problem when you send the link…

Comcast Xfinity remote

How to Program a Comcast / Xfinity Remote to a Samsung TV

There are three ways you can program a Comcast / Xfinity remote to your Samsung TV There are lot of devices that support different kinds of remote controls, At time…

Activate AMC on Hulu, Roku

How To Activate AMC TV On Apple TV, Roku, Fire stick.

To Activate AMC on your device will make you enjoy streaming because is a very good streaming platform that free you to watch the best movies and TV shows, there…

Activate VH1

How To Activate VH1 on Roku, Hulu, Fire stick, Apple TV

When Trying to activate VH1 on Roku, Hulu, Fire stick, Apple TV or any of your device you use, you must have this in mind that the service is only…