Complete Guide to Enable and Disable 2FA on Yahoo Email Account

2FA On Yahoo Account

What is Yahoo Email.

Yahoo Email is one of the famous free e-mail service, give a stronger security by enabling 2FA on your account.

It is an email that provide a lot of message storage, email search, contact list, spam, scanning and personalization. Enabling 2FA on your Yahoo Email account makes it more safer from the hands of the hijacker and it gives your account a stronger security.

How to Sign Up Yahoo Email Account.

Users can have their Yahoo Email Account through their Smartphone or Laptop. The process begins by visiting Yahoo website and select the Sign up tab. Enter your email address and password then select sign in.

Advantages of Using Yahoo Email Account.

There are many ways in which Yahoo is very important when it comes to Internet Email Account.

====> Accessibility: To have access to an Internet Email program, all you need to do is to have your login and password and you are free to use it on your phone or computer at anytime and anywhere.

====>: Access other Email Account: Yahoo has some privilege that some of these Email provider does not offer, you have the opportunity to check all your POP Emails account from Yahoo, via adding them there, you can check your work and personal Email all in the same place.

====> The Internet gives the ability of Email, free mail service to anyone in the nation

====> It keeps the connection between friendship and love ones on internet.

====> You van have a special folders to keep your email well organized and  save some important information.

====> Yahoo gives a room for a large files to send out and receive, it access up to 2GB files while some other emails have a limit on the size of the file you can send or accept in through your account.

====> Yahoo gives a room for as much as many files to store in your account but some other emails have designated amount of storage.

====> You can have as much as many Yahoo email account assigned to your inbox.

====> It also meant for all kinds of information like new and business advertisement

Disadvantages of Yahoo Email Account

====> We have a lot of fake information on internet which anyone can just post rubbish

====> Many are addicted to internet which may cause havoc among their families, friends and loved ones.

====> It is easy to waste much time of the users.

====> Hacker can easily create or develop viruses that get into one personal computer and get some important information doomed.

What is 2FA On Yahoo Email Account.

2FA is a short form of Two – Factor Authentication which is another method to add a stronger security to all mail account, it stop an unauthorized changes to your Yahoo email account with an extra security method, they will ask you to put in the code sent to your phone number before changing your Password, Login ID, Phone number, Some security question and answers.

Steps to Enable 2FA on Yahoo Email Account

====> Sign in to your {My Account}

====> Under Account security

====> Click on the turn on two-step verification using the phone number

====> Re-enter your mobile number

====> Then Click on the continue button

====> Enter the code that was sent through text an click on verify

Then your 2FA is enabled and ready to work

How to Disable 2FA on Yahoo Email Account

To disable 2FA on your Yahoo Email Account is very easy, you only need to follow the step you took when enabling it.

====> Sign in to your My Account page

====> Under Account Security, click on disable or turn off link

====> Confirm your mobile number and click on continue

====> Enter the code sent to your phone number

====> Click on verify, then 2FA is disabled

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Yahoo Mail is a great social network services that gives a room for a large files to send out and receive, and it really makes messaging so easy, it is a really good idea to enable 2FA on you account to make is so stronger.

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