Complete Guide on How to turn on 2FA on Twitter Account

2FA on Twitter

Twitter is a small blogging and social networking service  through which users communicate, share post, send message called “Tweet”. Registered users can post, like and retweet while unregistered users can only read them. Registered  users access twitter via it website, short message service (SMS).

Twitter has more than 25 offices across the globe. In March 2006, Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and was launched in July of the same year. In 2012, over 100 millions users posted 340 millions of message per day.

How to Create a Twitter Account

Let follow  the easy step to create Twitter Account

  • Step 1

====> Go to and click on the sign up option

====> Then fill in the information which requires your name, phone number email and password meanwhile when you are asked your name it means your nickname that you want to use on your Twitter Account.

After filling in your bio data and your preference are selected, code will be sent to your phone number so that you can verify it, thereafter you will need to create your password you can easily remember and  it must be 6 or more than 6 characters.

  • Step 2

====> Make your New Twitter Account Optimal: It is very important that you add your profile picture, write your bio data and follow people because it is through this you will transmit to other people with your account.

====> Find Followers on Twitter: Before you finish the process of signing up your Twitter account, you will need to follow on a minimum number of  people and it is not difficult to do

====>Twitter Profile Picture: To add your Profile picture is not really important but is better you do it to make good impression for your business

====> Your Biography: Your biography is very much important and you must face this part, don’t forget to add a URL (Website), so that your audience or followers will have easy access to your information.

====> Twitter Access:  After you might have completed your account, you can now login easily to your account whenever you want to, to make your account stand out you must have followers and you too must follow professional that you are really interested in.

Some Terminologies used on Twitter

====> Tweet:  It is also known as write up, any text up to 280 character

====> Retweet: This is to share another person’s tweet and show it on your twitter profile.

====>Twitter Followers: These are the people that follow you on twitter so that they can see all your tweet on their timeline.

====> TT: It is call Trending Topic and they are topic or news that have more comments or attention than others on the social network during a specific period of time. TT can be generated in specific nation or global level example is ENDSARS in Nigeria.

====> Unfollow: They are people that not to follow people or particular account on social network.

====> Twitter Verified Account: It is the account that have been tested by a blue badge and certified that the account is authentic.

How Do You Choose Your Twitter Username

To choose a username is the most important step when you are creating your twitter account. The username must identify you as a professional, make name that will represent your business or company.

There are some mistakes you must avoid when you have your twitter account and to manage your account.

====> You must always enter your twitter account to see the new notification, find new followers and keep your profile updated with relevant information.

====> You must follow people so that you will be followed too.

Use twitter wisely by responding to all question you receive from your followers

Advantages of using Twitter Account

====> Creating of account does not require any fund

====> You have connections with many people and famous ones

====> It has limited messages size

====> People receive your tweet immediately you publish your business brand

====> You can campaign or advertise your business easily on twitter

====> You can follow people to get new and updates

====> You can use twitter on your smartphone

====> You can login into many site and post comments through your twitter ID.

Disadvantages of Using Twitter Account

====> There is no videos uploading on twitter, you rather add the links to different site.

====> Using of character that is more than 140 character cannot be supported

====> You will need to use third party application if you want to tweet more than 140 characters

====> Twitter does not fetch much traffic to your product like Facebook.

====> Been addicted to twitter is the biggest disadvantage because it waste much of your valuable time.

====> There are many twitter account that are really fake which are made to cheat people.

How To Turn on 2FA on Twitter Account

2FA is an extra way of adding a strong security to your twitter account instead of login in through only your password, this 2FA makes sure that only you can have access to your account and nobody else. You can enable this features in two ways.

====> At the top menu, you will see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon

====> Click on your choice and select settings and privacy

====> Click on Account, and tap security

====> Click on two- factor authentication

Meanwhile, we have two ways of creating 2FA, Through text message and authentication app

To turn on 2FA through Text message

====> Click on the checkbox next to text message

====> Go through the instruction and click on next

====> Type your password and click on verify, if you don’t have mobile number assigned to your account, it will prompt you to enter it.

====> You will be ask to enter your code sent to you via SMS, then type the code.

====> Click on Got it when are done with the page.

When you login to your twitter account a six digit pin will be text to your phone to use during login.

To Turn on 2FA through via Authentication App

====> Click on the checkbox next to Authentication app

====> Read through the instruction, click on start

====> Enter your password and click on verify

====> You will be asked to link your authentication app to your twitter account by scanning a QR code.

====> After scanning the QR code, tap next

====> Put in the pin code generated by your authentication app and tap verify.

====> You will see confirmation page, click on Got it to end setting process.

Advantages of 2FA on Twitter Account

====> It decline third party from entering into your account

====> It makes your account more secured.

Disadvantages of 2FA on Twitter Account

====> Factor can get lost: There is not certainty that your factor will last for ever, you can lost it when you phone got damage or when it fall in water and you there is chance that is forget it when biometric factor like finger print or eyes got lost in an accident.

====> False Security: 2FA gives a level of security, if you are hooked out of a service just because you could not get your 2FA then you are just like a hacker who is trying to go into another person’s account.

====> It can be turned against User: When 2FA is trying to keep hackers out your account, then the other way round happens, hacker can create a 2FA to keep you out of your account.

Note: Using authentication app, you can use codes to log in to your account (twitter)

How to Turn off 2FA on Twitter Account

There is no difficulties in turning off 2FA on your twitter account, you just need to follow the step you took when turning it on.

====> At the top menu, click on your profile icon, then tap on setting and privacy

====> Tap on Account, then click on security

====> Click on two-authentication

====> Click on the checkbox next to the two – factor authentication that you have selected when you turned on

====> Click on turn off to confirm your wish.

Conclusion: Twitter is one of the famous website that most people use to follow celebrities, influential and they are followed too.


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