Complete Guide on How to Turn On and Turn Off 2FA on Snapchat Account

2FA on Snapchat

What Do Know Snapchat:

Snapchat is a photo messaging and mobile application that help you to share photo, and short video which you can post on your status for just little period of time and it can be disturbed if you don not turn on 2FA on your Snapchat Account to make it more stronger and be secured from hijackers.

It is derived from two different words,{ Snap means shooting and chat means conversation }. Snapchat is also a platform that can be used in advertising and promoting a business. We have over 150 millions or more users everyday with billions snap updated everyday.

This make it an awesome way of communication between friends, families and even a business partners. Snapchat was first called Picaboo, which was created by Evan Spiegel, Booby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

Their main concept is to wipes away pictures and video that are shared with the application by default.

Advantages of Snapchat

====> Snapchat is easy to create

====> It is also easy to connect with people without stress

====>You can easily connect to Snapchat users via Snap code

====> You can easily edit both your photo and videos by adding effect, text, stickers, and with additional image which can draw the attention of others.

====> It makes you to be free from worries about anything that you share.

====> It also gives a chance to know those that took a screenshot of what you have shared

Disadvantages of Snapchat

====> People can easily get addicted to Snapchat due to the filters and stories

====> You can spend much of your time adding different kind of filter than you do in Facebook

====> Snapchat leaves you without any traces of what you have shared except you screenshot  and save it on your phone and keep repeating the share to be available for others to see.

====> Your shared stories only lasted for 24hrs and it will be automatically wiped away.

====> You can only use Snapchat on iPhone and Android app.

====> All videos shared are not more than 10 seconds long.

====> It does not allow to share content like on Facebook and Twitter

====> It cannot allow you to comment or like photo and video unlike other social media like Instagram Facebook

===> Only through messaging and viewing that you can interact with followers on Snapchat.

====> It is easily to advertise through Snapchat.

How can I Create My Snapchat Account

Before you can start using Snapchat you will need to follow the steps below

====> Firstly download Snapchat for iOS or for Android

====> Open the App and click on ‘Sign Up’ to create a new Snapchat Account

====> Enter your name and click on ‘Sign Up’ and accept followed by your birthday

====> Create a Snapchat username; you must be very wise while choosing a username because you won’t have the chance to change it anymore.

====> Choose a secured password, it is advisable you use a very strong password and makes it 10 characters.

===> Put in your phone number and verify it for your account security purpose, you can as well sign up with email if you don’t want to make use of phone number.

====> After creating your account you now have access to your contact to add up your friend with stress free.

Now that you are done creating a Snapchat you are allowed to send snap, post stories play games and many more.

How to Turn on 2FA on Snapchat  Account

2FA is also know as Two -Factor Authentication, it is an optional method of adding a strong security code to your Snapchat when ever you want to login and to declines all those bad guys or hijackers from your account.

====> Tap settings to open

====> Tap Two-factor Authentication

====> Tap continue to finish setting up by choosing a way to receive your verification code.

How to Turn Off 2FA on Snapchat Account

====> First thing to do is to open Snapchat App

====> At the top left hand side, click on profile icon

====> You will setting option at the top right hand side and click on it

====> Then click on Two – factor authentication

====> Click on Sms verification

====> You will be asked to if you are very sure that you want to turn off sms verification

====> Then click on okay

====> Your pin will be requested

====> If you offer the pin, then click on continue


Snapchat is an online platform that help the connection of families, friends, and business partners to be more intimate, in order for you to love and enjoying using your Snapchat without any intruder or hackers you must enable 2FA on your account.

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