Complete Guide On How To Activate and De-activate 2FA on LinkedIn Account

2FA on LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a social media network that based majorly on professional networking and career uplifting, 2fa activation on your account will make it more secured and declines the entering of hacker on your account.

LinkedIn can be used in searching of Jogs, displaying resume, and make your professional great by posting updates and interacting with other people. LinkedIn is free, but need a subscription part which is known as LinkedIn Premium offers  additional features like online classes, and seminars as well as brainwave into people searching and viewing your profile.

LinkedIn is owned by a big tech company known as Microsoft. LinkedIn is designed to help people make business connection to share their experience, resumes and field jobs.

The particular site offer a lot of things, you cannot find in other places like a full featured carrier board where you can search and apply for jobs.

A Quick Tour for LinkedIn

====> Home: This is where you see LinkedIn users post, comment, like, share and you too can partake in commenting, liking, sharing, and posting your status. it is also similar to Facebook’s new feed.

====> My Network: This is where you can locate or search for LinkedIn users to invite them to join your network, you can see your existing network of connections, you will also see existing invitation you have received from others just like friend request in Facebook

====> Job: This is where you get information from company you are interested to work with, you can search for and apply for jobs and set up your notification to get emails when ever there are new job posting.

====> Messaging: This is where messaging platform set in, you can use to chat with LinkedIn users in your network, It also used to send message to people outside your network with something called In-mail, that is, if you subscribe to a certain tier of LinkedIn premium.

====> Me: This is where your profile is located which is similar to your resume, you can also make your his history available by posting your work experience, education, present location, accomplishment. If you have a LinkedIn account, this suppose to be a refined as your actual resume, as you can expect professional connection and recruiters to check it out.

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription part of LinkedIn that add number of additional features like an online professional uplifting classes, your viewers and the power to instant message anyone on LinkedIn even if they are not in your network.

How to create a LinkedIn Account

Creating a LinkedIn account and profile is a big route to build up a business network, in order for you to have access in searching for job and applying for them, Let you on how to create a personal profile on LinkedIn.

Part 1 of 3

====> Creating your Account: First thing to consider is to have the app on your Androi

====> Open the LinkedIn webpage; this will open a page with many text field at the middle that includes your personal information

====> Enter your personal Information; The page that was opened at the first page is required for you to input your personal information, your first name, last name, Email that you can be contacted through your password {your personal password for your LinkedIn account.}

====> Click on join Now, the yellow button below the information provide above.

====> Click the box below “Country, doing this will prompt a dropdown menu of countries

====> Click on your current country of residence

====> Type in your current ZIP code; you will  do this in “ZIP code” box below the country box

====> Click Next; this one is below the ZIP code box

====> Indicate maybe you are a student or not by clicking on yes or no box at the top of the page

====> Input the title of your job and the company that you which to work due to your place of employment you might have to choose a field from and industry box on this page. If you are also a student, you will put in your present school with the year you started and the year you are going to graduate.

====> Then click on next; After this you have to customize the kind of content and connect you will like to see in your LinkedIn home page.

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Part 2 of 3 { Personalize your LinkedIn feed }

====> Select an account Personalization; Immediately you selected, you will asked to verify your email address, this option is in control of all type of information LinkedIn shows in your home page like finding a job, building my professional network, staying up to date with my industry keeping in touch with my contact.

====> Open your email Address: The email address must be the one you use to sign up for your LinkedIn account, note that you do not close out of the LinkedIn page when doing this.

====> Open the email from the LinkedIn message sender, make sure your email is address confirmed, if you cannot find this email in your inbox please try to check the spam folder and update if you are using Gmail

====> Confirm your Email by clicking on the blue button after the six digit pin sent to the email body, you can also copy and paste the code in to the code field on your LinkedIn page.

====> Decides maybe you want to import contact or not, if you are importing contact from your email address then click on continue, if it is the other way round click on skip.

====> Add your photo; If you want to add a picture to your profile just click on the upload photo box and select photo from files, clear profile. professional photos can be viewed by your employee which can bring more job and networking opportunities.

====> Click on continue to save your photo you uploaded.

====> Select channel to follow; The kind of channel you wish to follow will surely say about the kind of information you will be seeing on your LinkedIn home page.

====> Click follow (number) channel; clicking on follow will make your LinkedIn profile to follow

====> Select influential LinkedIn profile to follow; the info posted on these profile will be shown on your home page.

====> Click follow (number) Influences; taking this step will cause your LinkedIn profile to follow your selected account.

====> Click Next; At the right hand side of the screen below, now that you have set up your LinkedIn profile, you can now add information about your skill to your account.

Part 3 of 3 { Editing Your Profile }

====> Click the Me Tab; This one is at the top right corner of your profile directly to the right of the notification icon

====> Click View Profile; This option is at the top of the Me drop down menu

====> Click the pencil Icon; At the top of your profile page, this one is next to the right of your profile image, this will help you to edit your introduction, including First and Last Name, Headache, current position, Location information, summary and add Education

====> Click save in order to save all your profile changes

====> Add Professional Experience by clicking +(sign), this section is a bit under your profile image, it’s to the right of the experience, adding this include which company that you have worked, the period you have worked there, with the summary of your duties. This information is really help to have your profile so that your employee can know what your skill are.

====> Click Save; following this will add your news work experience to your LinkedIn profile.

====> Edit a work experience by clicking the pencil icon, the pencil icon is located to the right of an experience listed on your profile

====> Then click on save when you are done editing.

Advantages of LinkedIn

====> LinkedIn is amazing social network that provide job chance or vacancies on internal by making a post and make it easy for researchers.

====> LinkedIn also gives a new update when there is a new job and to relate it to your account to share  experience

====> It gives and information about your endowed employee by allowing you to view their profile.


====> Spam connection, you ought to know that not all message received LinkedIn platform can be helpful, you can notice that other people copy your steps after using LinkedIn in promoting your business.

====> Investment of starting time; It took a lot of time to get connections to create and conversation to get started because you have to start with introduction before you can be successful in using LinkedIn for your business growth.

To make your LinkedIn account save from the hand of the hijackers you will need to active 2FA on it, now follow the steps below to activate 2FA.

How to Activate 2FA on Your LinkedIn Account

We have two ways to activate 2FA on your account (i) from the LinkedIn website (ii) Through LinkedIn App

(1) How To Activate 2FA From The LinkedIn Website

====> After login

====> At the top right corner of the LinkedIn website click on your avatar (Me) in the menu that open

====> Click on setting and privacy option

====> Click on the account and scroll down

====> Click on two – step verification

====> Click on change link

====> The section will be enlarged, then click on turn on button

(2) Turn on 2FA in LinkedIn App

We have the same process of activating 2FA on iPhone, iPad and Android

====>  Open the app and tap your profile picture

====> Click on view profile link

====> Click on the setting gear at the top right hand side

====> Click on “Privacy” tab, scroll down and click on two – step verification and choose the set up button

====> Choose maybe you want to use authentication app to generate code for you or through SMS (message)

====> Then tap continue

====> Input your LinkedIn password to make changes

====> After that you will choose your method, if you are using authentication app

====> Click on continue

====> Put your password in the prompt that appears and click on done.

How to Deactivate 2FA on LinkedIn Account

====> Open LinkedIn

====> Click the Me icon at the top of your home page

====> Select setting and privacy

====> Click change that is close to two – step verification

====> Click on turn off to change the status of your two – step verification


To activate 2FA on your LinkedIn account makes it more stronger and secured to decline it from bad guys that interrupt people account without any permission.

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